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Test: The Toad Trivia Quiz

Category: Amphibians

Description: Fun Facts about Toads

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Toads are reptiles.

True False

Toads generally lay eggs in long chains rather than large clusters.

True False

Are toads just a type of frog?

Yes No

Generally speaking, toads have shorter hind legs than frogs because they are primarily used for walking instead of jumping.

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Touching a toad or becoming exposed to toad urine can result in the development of warts.

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Some toads have parotoid glands. Which of the following statements is true about these glands?

They protect the external eardrum They produce pheromones during mating season They are toads natural humidity sensors They produce poison when the toad is stressed

Which of the following names is used for a toad immediately after hatching from an egg?

Frogling Froglet Tadpole Fry

All toads lay eggs.

True False

Some toads produce psychoactive toxins, which are injected into prey by the endangered short-fanged gray toad.

True False

The diet of the common toad mainly consists of vegetable matter, unlike frogs who consume primarily insects.

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