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Test: Impressionist Art Test

Category: Art History

Description: Test on Art from the Impressionism

Keywords: art impressionism impressionist 19th century art

The following piece was done in 1876 by which painter?

Paul Cézanne Émile Bernard Berthe Morisot Camille ****arro

What is the name of the following piece of art?

Impression, Sunrise Boat at Twilight The Fishing Village River Life

An Impressionist painter avoids laying down too much paint because the material depth can overshadow the accuracy of the work.

True False

Degas painted the following picture which appears to be influenced by Japonism. What is the name of the painting?

Orphan's Prom The Lesson The New Instructor The Dance Class

This painting was done by Mary Cassatt. The name of the piece is:

Summertime The Boating Party Tea Tea for Two

Edgar Degas started his career as a copyist for the Louvre.

True False

In pure Impressionism the use of black paint is avoided.

True False

Which impressionist painting is responsible for the following work (Luncheon of the Boating Party)?

Édouard Manet Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Paul Cézanne Camille ****arro

Claude Monet painted the following piece. What is its name?

Houses of Parliament, London Notre Dame Storm Over the Tower Skylight on the Water

Despite having started in Paris, Mary Cassatt, an American living in Paris, was one of the central figures in the development of impressionism.

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Emil Bernard no fue impresionista
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