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Test: Tree ID Quiz (Neosho)

Category: Biology

Description: Tree ID


What tree has an inner bark coloration of red and white?

American Elm American Basswood Slippery Elm Winged Elm

What is the greatest difference between Bitternut, Mojckernut, and Shagbark Hickory?

The Bark The Branching The Buds The Roots

The Black Oak has tighter bark twards the top of the tree than at the bottom.

True False

Match the tree with the leaf.

Kentucky Coffeetree Eastern Cottonwood Chinkapin Oak Blackgum

What tree has no unique trates about it?

River Birch Post Oak Ohio Buckeye Red Mulberry

What is the metaphor for the trees with an opposite limb arangement?

M.A.D. M.A.D.Buck M.A.P. W.H.Y.

When you break a limb on a maple, which tree is determined by the oder it gives off?

Red Maple Silver Maple Sugar Maple Boxelder

What trees do M.A.D.Buck stand for.

Willow, Hickkory, Yellow Poplar Maple, Ash, Flowering Dogwood Maple, Ash, Flowering Dogwood, Ohio Buckeye Oak, Hickory, Maple, Elm

The American Plum has thorns.

True False

What tree has an inner bark that is between bright and dark orange?

Black Walnut Blackgum Black Oak Blackjack Oak

The Black Oak, Blackjack Oak, Bur Oak Northern Red Oak, Post Oak, and Scarlet Oak are in what oak family?

Black Oak Family White Oak Family Red Oak Family

The Blackjack Oak burns hotter than the Osage-Orange.

True False


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