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Test: How Well Do You Know Eminem?

Category: Celebrities

Description: Are you a huge fan of Eminem? Think you know just about everything about him? Take this quiz and find out..

Keywords: eminem, marshall, mathers, slim, shady, rap, music

His favorite fast food resteraunt?

Burgar King Subway Taco Bell McDonald's

What bully put Eminem in a coma by hitting him with a block of ice while he was in school?

D'Angelo Bailey D'Andre Bailey Mark Bailey D'Andre Brown

How old is he?

34 37 39 38

Who did Eminem NOT get into a beef with?

Snoop Dogg Insane Clown Posse Ja Rule Benzino

Who was Eminem's best friend that died in 2006?

Bizarre His Uncle Ronnie Proof

What place did Eminem take in the 1997 Rap Olympics?

1st 5th 2nd last

What movie did Eminem star in that was reletively about his life?

8 Mile The Eminem Movie The Way I Am 6 Mile

What's the name of Eminem's infamous ex wife?

Julie Scott Kim Scott Kate Scott Kathy Scott

When is Eminem's birthday?

October 17th, 1972 November 18th, 1974 September 17th, 1973 October 19th, 1971

What's Eminem's favorite color?

light blue red turquoise green

What's his shoe size?

10 1/2 12 9 8 1/2

POLL: (doesn't count towards final score) Do you think Eminem is hot?

Mhmm! He's SOOO sexy. Uhh, I love his music, but he's really ugly.. I'm a guy.. He's okay, I mean he's not ugly but he's not like super hot either...

Where did Eminem grow up?

Chicago, Illinois Rochester, New York Austin, Texas Detroit, Michigan

What is Em's mother's first name?

Lycett Sarah Annie Debbie

Eminem's daughter's name is..

Hailie Jade Mathers Haley Jade Mathers Hayley Jennifer Mathers Haylie Julie Mathers

Who in Eminem's family was he actually close to?

his Uncle Ronnie his mom his father

How did he think of the alter ego Slim Shady?

He thought of it while dreaming He thought of it whilst taking a crap He spent time thinking about it until it came to him He thought of it at work

Who is Alaina Mathers?

his half-brother's daughter his ex-wife's daughter she had with another man his biological daughter his ex-wife's sister's daughter

(easy) What's Eminem's real name?

Marshall Robert Mathers II Marshall Bruce Mathers III Mark Bruce Mathers Jr. Marcus Bruce Scott III

What was Eminem's first studio album?

The Slim Shady LP The Marshall Mathers LP Infinite Recovery

How many times did Eminem repeat the 9th grade before dropping out?

5 2 1 3

What is Em's favorite soda?

Pepsi Mountain Dew Coke 7-Up

Why doesn't Em like to use the computer?

He's scared of them. He'd be tempted to look stuff up about himself which would 'drive him crazy', so he doesn't bother learning how to use one. He's too busy with other kinds of things with his career and 'doesn't have time' for the computer. He doesn't know how to use one.

Why is Em's EP with Royce Da 5'9 Called Bad Meets Evil-Hell: The Sequel?

They'd been planning to collaborate for awhile now, but couldn't think of a good name... when they though of "Hell: The Sequel" they just thought it sounded cool and brilliant. They already had the idea of Bad and Evil, and they thought the Hell would fit in with those two themes. They collaborated awhile back on a song called Bad Meets Evil, and one of the last lines was, "See you in hell for the sequel, bad meets evil" They were trying hard to think of something cool, and they realized Evil and Sequel rhymed and when they put that name together it just sounded perfect.


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