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Test: The Luke Benward Test

Category: Celebrities

Description: A test all about the actor, Luke Benward.

Keywords: Luke, Benward

What is his favorite color?

Green Blue Red Viridian

His favorite sporting team is The New England Patriots.

True False

What is his favorite sport?

Football Baseball Basketball Soccer

What year was he born in?

1995 1994 1996 1993

He plays the drums.

True False

What position does he play in football?

Wide Reciever Running Back Quarter Back Strong Safety Outside Line Backer

True Or False: He is a fan of the Beatles and Switchfoot.

True False

Luke's celebrity crush is Jessica Simpson.

True False

True Or False: He has two younger sisters named Gracie and Roxanne.

True False

Luke is friends with Miley Cyrus.

True False

True Or False: His nicknames are LA & Bills.

True False

He is a christian.

True False

He would like to play NFL Football one day.

True False

What is his father's name?

Aaron Jerry Jeff


THE TEST IS OK!! LOVE The Test!!!!!!!!! i needed to now a lot more hehehehe
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