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Test: The Nick Jonas Test

Category: Celebrities

Description: How much do you know about Nick Jonas?

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Relevant Website: www.JonasBrothersFan.com

True Or False: He was born in Dallas, Texas.

True False

True Or False: His favorite flavor of ice cream is Vanilla.

True False

What year was he born in?

1992 1991 1993

What is his favorite color?

Blue Red Purple Gold

What state was he born in?

Texas New York Tennessee California

Which was he born on?

September 16 October 31 March 21 August 12

True Or False: His favorite food is Steak.

True False

What is his favorite flavor of ice cream?

Chocolate Vanilla Cotton Candy Cookies And Cream

What is his chinese horoscope sign?

Monkey Lion Pig Dragon

What is his favorite sport?

Baseball Basketball Football Soccer


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