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Test: The Dinosaur Test

Category: Dinosaurs

Description: How well do you know dinosaurs?

This dinosaur had distinctive tail spikes:

Lagosuchus Dryptosaurus Stegosaurus Dilophosaurus

The Psittacosaurus is an ancestor of the triceratops.

True False

What dinosaur is this?

Parasaurolophus Dromaeosaurus Deinonychus Velociraptor

When did dinosaurs first appear?

310 million years ago 230 million years ago 520 million years ago 140 million years ago

Which dinosaur is depicted in the image below?

Brontosaurus Pterodactyl Daspletosaurus Iguanodon

This dinosaur is featured in the image below:

Albertosaurus Stegosaurus Parasaurolophus Ultrasaurus

A mass extinction event wiped out the dinosaurs how many years ago?

16 million 30 million 50 million 65 million

The sauropods were the largest animals to have ever lived on land.

True False

The Velociraptor weighed in at about ___ pounds.

320 225 97 33

This continent was home to the Tyrannosaurus rex:

Africa Australia Asia North America

Modern birds are <b>direct</b> descendants of dinosaurs.

True False

The Tyrannosaurus rex measured approximately ___ feet in length.

43 20 25 57

The creature in the image below is the most ancient and primitive bird. What is it?

Archaeopteryx Pteranodon Styracosaurus Compsognathus

The triceratops was an herbivore.

True False

The Tyrannosaurus rex could switch between bipedality to quadrupedality.

True False

The Pteranodon had a wingspan of about 20 feet.

True False

Which dinosaur is depicted in the illustration below?

Psittacosaurus Ultrasaurus Struthiomimus Deinonychus

The Iguanodon received its name because it had teeth like an Iguana.

True False

The Elasmosaurus most likely lived in the open oceans.

True False

The Daspletosaurus was a small lizard that consumed primarily ferns and mosses.

True False


This is not the daspletousarus
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