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Test: How Green Are You?

Category: Earth Science

Description: This test will determine your level of friendliness towards the environment!

Keywords: Are you green? Green Test The Green Test

Do you leave the water running while you're brushing your teeth?

Yes No

Do you drive a vehicle that gets less than 25 miles per gallon?

Yes No

Approximately what percentage of the lights in your home are CFL?

0 25 50 75+

Do you prefer tap water over bottled water?

Yes No

Have you had your furnace or air conditioning (HVAC/heat pump) serviced within the past two years?

Yes No

Have you ever walked or used a bicycle instead of a car?

Yes No

Do you drive an electric or hybrid vehicle?

Yes No

Do you separate items for recycling?

Yes No

Do you use a new cup for every drink you get?

Yes No

CFL stands for:

Compact Fluorescent Carbon Flashlight Carbon Filament Light Fuel Cell

Which of the following typically uses more water to wash dishes:

Washing by hand can use up to 50% more water than a water-efficient dishwasher! Washing by hand Using a dishwasher


80% Green! yeah!
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