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traffic breaks ae used by lawenforcement to:

faciliate a parade route remove hazards from roadways increase the flow of traffic

to assist the officer with a traffic break:

stop abruptly, dont keep driving turn n your emergency flashers drive past the patrol car

when you experience loss of judgement:

you over react to situations it affects how you react to sounds and what you see to under react to situaaaations

to get rid of one drink,it takes the body:

two hours to sober up one hour to sober up 30 minutes to sober up

an accident involving $750 damage to eiher car requires:

a dmv report that appears on your record a report only if oyu are injured a report only if you are at fault

the agency that will keep track of your driving record is:

the shariffs department in your county the california highway patrol the department of motor vehicles

you experience loss of judgement:

when you drink too many energy drinks when you eat too many sweets when you drink alcohol or use drugs

califoria state law says:

you must have insurance until age 40 you must carry evidence of financial responsibility you only need insurance on one vehicle you own

california'a drunk driving law:

only applies to alcohol or drugs is also a drug driving law is the strctest in the u.s.

the cost of a dui 1st offense can be:

$8,240.00 $800.00 $500.00

during an enforcement stop:

its okay to use your cell phone leave the stereo on turn off your radio, hang up your cell phone

when being pulled over on the freeway:

its okay to stop in the carpool lane move completely on the right shoulder exit the freeway

when being pulled over on the freeway:

move your vehicle to the right shoulder move your vehicle to the center median move to the left side of he street

during an enforcement stop:

turn on your left turn signal turn n you emergency flashers turn on your right turn signal

when being stopped by an officer:

place hands in pockets leave windows rolled up roll windows down, if tinted,place hands in clear view

you may obtain a copy of your drivng record:

only at the sacramento office of dmv at any dmv office at any local chp office

if you are under 18 and drive:

you may drive a moped on public property yoour parents are responsible for you your parents are not resonsible for you

when pulled over by an officer;

never step outside your car, unless asked o by officer get out of your car, close door never step outside your car, even if asked to by officer

california's drunk driving law refers to:

driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs donating used items driving under insured

california's compulsory financial responsibilty law:

is not required for a drivers over 60 year old is fulified by having liaability insurance is fulified by a $25,000 bond


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