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Test: SteornTracker's Steorn Knowledge Test

Category: Energy

Description: How well do you know Steorn, the free energy company?

What technology was Steorn researching when their claimed discovery was made?

Micro Wind Turbines High Efficiency Micro Motors Web 2.0 Discussion Forums Kinetic Watch Mechanics

Dr. Mike Rosing...

is a member of Steorn's Jury is an employee of Steorn is an outspoken believer of Steorn's technology believes Sean McCarthy is delusional

Alan Wall...

Is Steorn's Graphic Designer Is a potentially leaked Jury Member Discovered the Orbo Is an outspoken skeptic on Steorn's forum

How much money has Steorn raised to fund their free energy ambitions?

14 Million Euros 8 Million Euros 40 Million Euros 3 Million Euros

Orbo ...

Is the brand name for Steorn's technology Is the first name of the inventor of Steorn's technology is a popular forum poster is the name of Steorn's outsourced manufacturing company

Jerry O'Dwyer ...

Is a Steorn Employee Debated Sean McCarthy at the University College at Dublin Is one of the principal investors of Steorn Published an article in the Economist about Steorn

Steorn believes the underlying phenomena causing their free energy discovery is...

Magnetic Viscosity Magnetic Flux Antiferromagnetism Pixie Dust

Who is the CEO of Steorn?

Jeff Bechtold Sean McCarthy Seamus Flanagan James Randi

How many Jury members did Steorn announce they selected?

12 22 8 18

The Nodding Donkey Video...

Shows the potential Steorn Toy in Action Was a leaked video showing how the Steorn technology works Was a fan video do***entary published by Babcat Demonstrates Steorn's Over Unity Discovery

How did Steorn announce their Free Energy Discovery?

As an ad in the Economist Magazine As a peer reviewed article in the Journal of Nature As an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times In a press conference held at the Kinetica Museum

SPDC is Steorn's ...

brand name for their technology member only developers forum acronym describing the science behind their discovery public forum website


Is a soft drink inspired by Steorn's discovery Is a third party discussion forum on Steorn Is the term used by Steorn to describe their physics discovery Is the brand name of Steorn's Technology

Thieu Knapen, founder of Kinetron...

claims in a video that Steorn's technology is real is suing Steorn for stealing his Free Energy Discovery Invested 3 million euros in Steorn Debunked Steorn's claims in July after their failed demo

Steorn claims to have discovered method of generating energy that defies the law of conservation of energy

True False

Which Steorn Employee discovered an anomaly that led to Steorn's claims?

Seamus Flanagan Sean McCarthy Alan Walls Michael Daly Richard Walshe

Marissa Little...

is a principal at Earth Tech International Reported third party validation of Steorn's Orbo Is a principal investor in Steorn Is a Steorn employee

Which two forum members moderate Steorn's forums daily?

Steorn and Seamusf Crank and Magnatrix Babcat and DrMike engineerd and 007

Who is most likely on Steorn's Jury?

Dr. Jeff Bechtold Dr. Mike Rosing Dr. Phil McGraw Dr. Doug Natelson

At what location did Steorn hold their failed demo attempt in July of 2007?

The Kinetica Museum, London Steorn Headquarters, Dublin London's Science Museum Trinity College, Dublin University of Cambridge


90% hoho 100%... sad (:->) Thicket 60% haha 40% hehe
Sean Mccarthy Dublin Steorn 2009 Seamus Flanagan Steorn Thieu Knapen Steorn Jury Members Steorn Orbo Marissa Little Earth Tech Steorn Steorn Jury Steorn Babcat Steorn Orbo Test Knowledge Steorn Seamus Flanagan Thieu Knapen Steorn Earthtech Free Energy Steorn Debunked Seamus Flanagan Dublin Steorn 3rd Party Testing Earthtech Steorn Kinetron Knapen Dr. Mike Rosing Website Richard Walshe Steorn Mike Rosing Steorn Discussion 2008 Steorn Seamus Sean Mccarthy Orbo Orbo Steorn 2009 Steorn Nodding Donkey Steorn Jury Forum


Mccarthy Dublin Steorn 2009


Flanagan Thieu Knapen Jury


Orbo Marissa Little Earth


Babcat Test Knowledge Earthtech


Energy Debunked 3rd Party


Kinetron Dr. Mike Rosing


Richard Walshe Discussion 2008


Donkey Forum