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Test: Name That Famous Logo

Category: Entertainment

Description: This quiz/test will find out how well you know popular logos


This is the logo for

Yahoo! The Yankees York International Young America Corporation

This is the logo for

General Electric Google Giligans Gap

This logo represents

Dairy Queen Diva Queen Disney Quest Derby Quilts

This is the logo for

McDonalds Macroni Grill Mexican Grill Mickey Mouse House

This is the logo for

Taco Bell Bell South Bealls Packard Bell

This logo represents

Mitsubishi Kia Toyota Chevy

This logo represents


This logo represents

Southwest Airlines United Airlines Delta Airlines Air Tran

This logo represents

Mercedes Lexus B,W Toyota

This man is the face of

Quaker Oats The Amish The Pilgrims Cracker Barrel

This is the logo for

Volkswagen Mercedes BMW Lexus

This logo represents

General Mills General Electric Gap Google

This logo is for

Chevy Ford Toyota Kia

This logo represents


This camel represents

A brand of cigarettes A time share company An oil company Taco Bell The Detroit Zoo

This man is the face of

Kentucky Fried Chicken Cracker Barrel Macaroni Grill Taco Bell

This is the logo for

Apple/Mac Snow White Google AOL

This little blue box represents which company

Tiffany & Co. Bailey Banks & Biddle Zales Bluenile

This logo represents

XBOX 360 Wii Playstation Sega Dreamcast

This logo represents

United States Postal Service UPS Fed Ex DHL


Thanks for finding the bug and reporting it! :) -Mike Thanks for fixing it. I found the problem and it should be fixed with tonight's code update. Thanks for letting me know. can you login? if so, try creating a test now. this is solokid and i got a 90%! sweet! the only two i missed were the little blue box and nbc yay!
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