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Test: The Star Wars: KOTOR 1 Test

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Description: Test your knowledge of Knights Of The Old Republic to see if you are a fanatic, or if you should beat the game before taking this test again.

Keywords: Star Wars, KOTOR

The Unknown planet has a name. Do you know what that name is?

Lehon Concord Dawn Iti Cluster Dagary Minor

What is the name of the astro-mech droid that accompaies you in KOTOR 1 and 2?

T3-M4 R2-D2 C3-P0 A9-K8

The star map on Korriban lies within which tomb?

Naga Sadow's tomb Marka Ragnos's tomb Tulak Hord's tomb Ajunta Pall's tomb

What is Bastila's last name?

Shan Veila Jace Savo

What do you give the rodian outside of the cantina on Korriban for the "mysterious box"?

Spices 2,000 credits Gizka A Tach Gland

There is a giant shark that you encounter While on Manaan. what species of shark is it?

Firaxan Shark Ulgan Shark Revierian Shark

The temple on the "Unknown Planet" was made by what species?

Rakata Toydarian Sullustan Nikto

True Or False: Yuthera can be turned to the light side.

True False

Who does the voice of Carth Onasi?

Raphael Sbarge Geoffrey Howard Darren Benson Vince McAllister

True Or False: Darth Revan is the apprentice of Darth Malak.

True False

What the name of Mission's big brother?

Griff Redros Uthar

What is the name of the city that you are on when you go to Manaan?

Ahto City Kuatia City Relfect City Nuridure City

How many types of vibroblades can you get?

5 4 3 2 1

What is the name of Bastila's mother?

Helena Rholona Visas

What is the name of Zaalbar's village?

Rwookrrorro Wookerew Saarwook Wookeria

What is the name of Carth Onasi's son?

Dustil Onasi Dactil Onasi Dantil Onasi Dextil Onasi

Which of these two mandalorian clans is Canderous part of?

Ordo Fett

Which character was designed to look like the person who does their voice?

Bastila Carth Jolee Canderous

What species of alien is Redros, the swoop bike champion on Taris?

Nikto Duros Twi'lek Ithorian

How did Darth Malak lose his jaw?

It was cut off by a lightsaber. He got to close a Thermal Detonator. A marksman got a lock on his face.

Which one of these things lie within Tulak Hord's tomb?

Tulak Hord's Headband Tulak Hord's Vibrosword Tulak Hord's Blaster Tulak Hord's Short Lightsaber

What is the name of the crime lord on Taris?

Davik Zelda Gaden Colef

Which of these Sith Lords does not have tomb on Korriban?

Freedon Nadd Naga Sadow Tulak Hord Marka Ragnos Ajunta Pall

Which Sith Lord's tomb has an insane combat droid inside of it?

Marka Ragnos's tomb Naga Sadow's tomb Ajunta Pall's tomb Tulak Hord's tomb

What is the name the Twi'lek you meet while on the planet Taris?

Mission Tahiri Sarna Borna

What planet can you discover Carth's son on?

Korriban Manaan Tatooine None, this a trick question.

How many "Game Of The Year" awards did KOTOR recieve?

40 10 5 25

What is the name of Darth Malak's apprentice?

Darth Bandon Darth Trask Darth Bane Darth Bandar

In your programmed identity, what planet are you from?

Deralia Kashyyyk Coruscant

What is the name of the man that Carth Onasi wants to kill?

Saul Karath Ren Karath Myrix Karith Axel Karath

Which of the following is not a last name on KOTOR?

Shan Bindo Vao Vindo

What is the name of the ship that you wake up in in the begining of KOTOR 1?

The Endar Spire The Ebon Hawk The Leviathan

What is the name of Uthar Wynn's old master?

Jorak Uln Toslan Quate Daben Yip

Jolee Bindo has a friend on Manaan who is in jail. What is his name?

Sunry Reeda Fassa

What is the name of the combat droid that you can buy on Tatooine?

HK-47 HK-50 HK-45 HK-75

What is the name of the starship that you own in KOTOR?

The Ebon Hawk The Rogue Eagle The Saber Tooth The Errant Venture

What does the rodian warn you not to do with "mysterious box"?

Open it Drop it Brake it

True Or False: Korriban,Manaan,Kashyyyk,Tatooine, and Dantooine are the names of the planets that have Star Maps on them.

True False

Zaalbar is known on Kashyyyk as the _______.

Mad Claw Forsaken One Cursed Claw Outcast

Which of these things lie within Naga Sadow's tomb?

Naga Sadow's Poison Blade Naga Sadow's Armband Naga Sadow's Headband Naga Sadow's Lightsaber


for example keeep the sith armor glitch,the replication glitch,the alternate camera moving glitch, alot more... want to know some cheats and glitches for kotor 1 contact me at buddybump21@yahoo.com In Tulak Hord's tomb you can find his mask, not his headband... to find out about carths son go to tatooine after he tells you he hadd a wife and kid and they died and stuff then when your in the docking ring his friend comes up and tell you about him being alive and stiff :P #15 is wrong, but this is a great test. i think some of my correct answers were marked wrong... :( who knew carth had a son??? Even more organic referrals. You finally got an organic referral! After this lives for enough time (can be months...) this should really increase when it gets deep crawled. All of my oldest tests get taken more than anything.. Good luck. You should put your email address in your profile so I can email you.
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