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Test: Whats your perfect Dog?

Category: Gaming

Description: Do you want a dog but just don't know quite what to get? See if the dog you get is one you like.

Keywords: Dog Perfect Kkoolz Pet

Relevant Website: kkoolz.webs.com

Why do you want the dog

For a life long companion For a buddy For someone to Cuddle with for someone to walk or play outside with.

What about fur?

Fluffy and thick Thin but long As little fur as possible Dont care

What do you want your dogs size to be?

Small I alway want to be able to pick it up Medium could pick up but pretty heavy to Bigger A nice sized dog to throw a ball and pet its head Huge I like them tall and long

Thanks for taking the Quiz. Are you actually Getting a dog?

No this just looked fun Yes Im SOOO excited I want to Idk

Is this going to be your very first pet?

Yes No No but its going to be my first dog.

Where do you live?

Apartment/ Trailer Small Home Normal Home Big Home I live on a farm


i love this quiz! I'm going to get a dog this year! I took it 3 times cuz i have 3 different homes in different countries. Results: 1st time: Yorkie Terrier 2nd time: Cocker Spanial 3rd time: Golden Retriever this quiz was great! when i really buy my puppy, i hope they have the right 1 for me! ... I have a list of my favourite dogs: Maltese Pomeranian Cavalier King Charles Spanial Yorki Terrier But i don't know which dog i like the most from my favourite dogs list!!! And i took this test, and i got Yorki Terrier! Atleast its 1 of my favourite dogs, although i do prefer white dogs... but it was fun taking this test! Omg i have always wanted a cocker spanial and my answer was one yayayayayayayaya
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