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Test: ZX Spectrum Games Test (Easier Version)

Category: Gaming

Description: Test your knowledge on the games of the ZX Spectrum home computer

Derby Day was written in BASIC?

True False

The development of Knight Lore was completed before Sabre Wulf.

True False

The main character in Starquake is called BLOB?

True False

Wally Week's son is called...

Herbert Tom Harry ****

Saboteur II was subtitled...

Avenging Angel Revenge of the Dobermans There wasn't a subtitle. Mercenary Attack

Name the maid in Jet Set Willy.

Mary Maria Marie Marge

Nodes of Yesod was the sequel to the Arc of Yesod?

True False

Name the sequel to the Lords of Midnight.

Doomdark's Revenge Dark Sceptre Shadowfax Throne of Fire

Ocean Software were based in which English city?

Manchester London Birmingham Leeds

What rank do you start off with in Elite?

Harmless Mostly harmless Weak Poor

What was the surname of the brothers behind the Ultimate Play the Game classics?

Hamper Stamper Stamp Hampson

The city in Ant Attack is called...

Antescher Norwich Antville AntAndDec

It's definitely not...

Stonkers Atic Atac Pyjamarama Match Day

Daley Thompson had his name to how many speccy games by Ocean?

1 3 5 2

How many released speccy Horace games were there?

1 2 3 4

The main character in Chuckie Egg was called Henhouse...?

Harry Henry Herbert Horace

You can play doubles in the tennis game Match Point, by Psion?

True False

Split Personalities was originally going to be released under what name?

Splitting Images Slider Puzzle Image Splitter Spitting Image

The 128k version of Match Day is called...

International Match Day Match Day II Matchday 128 Matchday Extra Time

How many caverns are there on Manic Miner?

10 15 20 25


@ZxSat -- There was indeed a game called Stonkers, but this game has become an in-joke on several online Speccy communities. Whenever someone posts a "name the game" question, often someone else replies "It's definitely not Stonkers". For the record, I got 95%; the only question I got wrong was the Daley Thompson one (I said 2, not 3). Got 75%. Reasonably happy with that. I'm almost sure that there were a game called Stonkers. Got that right anyway. But only 50%. I can't believe I said that MM only had 10 rooms. ZxSat @zxspecticle: Crash Issue 51, a quote from Tim Stamper: "'Knight Lore was finished before Sabre Wulf,' Tim suddenly said. 'But we decided the market wasn't ready for it. Because if we released Knight Lore and Alien 8 - which was already half-finished - we wouldn't have sold Sabre Wulf.": http://www.crashonline.org.uk/51/ultimate.htm It's not fair, the Knightlore question cost me the magic 100%. Urban Myth I'm telling you! - lol zxspecticle Hey! 90%!!!! Great!
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