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Category: Gaming

Description: fill in the blank


your mother is so fat i saw her in the desert and i thought..

she was an illusion she had some food with her was some crazy stupid ass *****

your mother is so fat wen she went to sea world..

the people thought she was part of shamoos show the whales sang "we are family" free willy's sister lol

your mother is so fat when she was born the doctor..

slapped her ass and said ohh TWINS damn ur daughter got a FAT ASS FACE BODY LEGS ARMS FACE LEG HANDS EAR EYE HAIR.. licked her nipples

your mother is so fat and slow wen she passed the television

i sucked her nipple i missed 4 episodes of the simpsons ****ed a dog for 4 days

your mother is so fat on a rainy day..

she wore a yellow rain jacket and i said "aye TAXI" she soked up all the rain licked her vagina

your mother's pussy is so loose..

that she has to use a matress for a tampon has people fist **** her that anything can fit inside her vagina pussy ass ***** hole

your mother is so ****in dumb i said it was chilly outsie and she..

jumped and screamed like a dumb ass hoe ran outside with a bowl licked her right *****

kou your so ****in stupid..

your pussy is soft ur sucking a **** at the moment that your reading this right now

Your mother is so fat when she jumped. . .

She caused an earthquake She made a pankake out of your dog She continually bounced up and down She asked if she it the roof

you mother is so stupid when she..

sucked my balls she said o0o0 taste like meat balls blowed my **** til it bleed she enjoyed licking my *** ****


dude jaylee yer sick Aw crap, I'm not logged in but my name is solokid. I'd keep my mouth shut adexa. You haven't even made any tests. And don't even think about saying that I've made no good tests either because I've got a test that I made after ipiranna and it's been taken 1,500 times. You are so freakin' retarded that it's not even funny. You need to get your act together and actually make up a good test like my friend, ipiranna. Like I said, get your act together. Maybe that's why none of your tests have even been done 60 times. Make a real test, then I'll see if you're good enough to actally be a test maker, because this test was so dumb that a rock is smarter. Get some new questions, and become a better test maker. Your test is stupdid, retarded, & pointless. If you can't do anything better, just go away, loser. O my gosh! How retarded are you? Your mother jokes. And then you have the nerve to cuss. You shouldn't even be on the web. You spelled (wen) incorrectly it is when.
Your Mother Jokes Pussy


Mother Jokes Pussy