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Test: What type of underwear should u wear?(guys only)

Category: Health

Description: What type's for u?

Keywords: Underwear

What type of underwear do u wear to sleep?

Boxers Briefs None. I go cammando.

How old r u?

13-19 12 or less 20-35 36-50 Over 50

Do you like your package supported?

Yes No

You are...

Heterosexual Bisexual ****sexual

Do u leave th door open when u poo?

Yes No

U r taking this quiz because...

U actually aren't sure why type of underwear u should wear. You just want to make sure ur wearing the right kind. Ur bored. My girlfriend wants me to wear boxers but I like briefs.

What type of underwear r u wearing right now?

Boxers. Briefs. None. I'm going commando.

How big r u down there?

Less than 6" 7-8" 9-11" Larger than 12"

Do you masturbate?

Yes No

Do u leave the door open when u pee?

Yes No


Black microfiber bikini panties White briefs Brefs Is it always inconclusive
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