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Test: best gay test!!!!

Category: Health

Description: find out if you are gay bi or straight!!!

Keywords: gay test

Relevant Website: google.com

honestly, if ur sexy friend stuck his hand in ur pants and started caddleing ur balls and giving u a hand job you would

beat him up and never talk to him again let him continue for a minute then tell him to stop get naked and make you feel even better

your in the locker room after a work out and see a naked man do u look down at his ****?

yes but look up right away look long and hard well maybe..... god no!

you have had ____ boners during this test

9 0 5-8 1-5

you want to

have a guy do u do a guy both a and b get it on with a girl

if in a three way you would want

two girls two guys (three ****s) guy and girl I need to think about this

if your college roommate came out gay you would

do him like there's no tomorrow ask for a new roommate begin to feel awkward but at some moments turned on thinking about "experimenting"

you are

not interested in guys at all are interested in guys and want a boyfriend are not interested in guys but you are sexually don't know that's why your taking the test

which sounds the most appealing

a girl with big boobs and butt a guy with a large **** and hot tits both I'm not really sure

you see a picture of a hot sexy naked man holding his **** in his hand he has a rockin body with a beautiful six pack. he is having a boner right now and it is long large and hard do u just get a boner

Yes No

if I gave you a link to a gay porn sight you would

have to think about looking look out of curiosity never ever click click and enjoy every second


I got hard taking test. I like women for relationships & intercourse. But like cock just for hand jobs & *******s. WHAT?!?!?!? Bisexual? WTF! If anyone read my answers they would scream gay, at least this test isn't stereotypical :), but it's also not the best :)