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Test: The Holocaust Quiz

Category: History

Description: Test your knowledge of the Holocaust.


Hitler's ideal race had to have ______ eyes.

Blue Viridian Silver Brown

True Or False: There were about 5 million non-jewish victims.

True False

"Nazi" stand for _____________.

National Socialist Party Nein ach zhie in

Prisoners at the Auschwitz camp were given tattoos with numbers so that they could be identified.

True False

The French word for Jew is___________.

Jood Juif Jadeh Jireh

Approximately how many Jews were killed in the Holocaust?

6 million 13 million 7 million 9 million

Hitler's ideal race was called ____________.

The Aryan Race The Angelic Race Schwarshenmanfeiger The Kristalnacht Race

When WWII started, Jews were forced to wear a purple Star of David with the word "Jude" on it that way Nazis and others could identify them as Jews.

Yellow Star of David. True False

The first ones killed by the Germans were__________.

Those with disabilities Allied Infantry Jewish men Jewish women

The Holocaust was the attempt to get rid of all Jews.

To get rid of all "Inferior races". True False

Germans used Jews to perform medical experiments during WWII.

True False

Which concentration camp did Anne Frank go to?

Bergen-Belson Treblinka Sobibar Aushwitz

"Nazi" stand for _____________.

Nein ach zhie in National socialist Party

There are some people who don't believe that the Holocaust existed.

True False

There were different kinds of camps- Concentration Camps, Exterminantion Camps, Forced Labor Camps and ____________.

Ghettos Kristalnachts Auschwitz's Berkineaus

Arbeit Macht Frei means _____________.

Work will make you free Work until you die Death is Freedom Death will make you free

"Holocaust" is derived from the Greek words "Completely Burnt".

True False

About how many children died in the Holocaust?

1.5 million 1.3 million 200,000 2 million

The total number of Jews killed equals 2/3 of the Jews living at the time.

1/3 True False

Hitler's Ideal Race had to have __________ hair.

Blonde Brown Black Red

Kristallnacht means______________________.

Night of Broken Glass Crystal Night Nazi Victory Night Night of the dead

Adolf Hitler became chancellor/prime minister in what year?

1933 1941 1937 1935


Juif is the French word for Jew, not Jood, which is the Dutch word for Jew. You can Google translate Jew into French. gj vagina is cool ? RE: Holocaust is fun man!! no it is not yo holocaust is fun man!! Look at those comments below! err.. it wasnt a purple star....it was a yellow star dfsgbsg
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