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Test: The Gay Test

Category: Humor

Description: The All New & Greatly Improved Test To Determine How Gay You Are!


what are the colors of the rainbow

red orange yellow green blue purple black brown gray navy blood red pink magenta sky blue rose red who cares

What is depicted in the following illustration?

A hole drill A depth-finder transducer A rotary hole punch A chamfer router bit

If you've got a name like Steven, David or Michael, do you prefer to go by your formal name?

Yes (Steven, David, Michael, etc) No (Steve, Dave, Mike) My name doesn't work that way

Do you take care of your cuticles? Or have you ever had your nails done?

Yes No

Do you typically wear any jewelry besides a watch or a wedding band?

Yes No

Do you have any magazine subscriptions that frequently have men featured on the cover without a shirt? (Fitness magazines, body building, etc)

Yes No

Do you make an effort to eat organic food?

Yes No

Can you curve a bowling ball?

Yes Yes, but its complicated No No, bowling is for *****es

What are these?

Pawns for playing chess Othello game pieces Door stoppers A set of special plugs

Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Cats Dogs

The best Star Trek series was:

Star Trek (The Original Series) The Next Generation Voyager Enterprise Deep Space Nine I was never into Star Trek

What type of fish is this?

A largemouth bass A brown trout An Atlantic salmon A snook

Look at your watch, does it have a square face?

Yes No I'm not wearing a watch right now I don't even own a watch

Are You Gay?


Do you have a subscription to "Men's Health?"

Yes No

Sweater-vests are:

Not for me Fashionable

Have you ever been, or are you currently, a vegetarian?

Yes No

The sport I like the most is:

Wrestling Football Soccer Ice Hockey

Have you ever had your hair highlighted or died?

Yes No

If everyone was required to speak just one language, what would your vote be?

German French Italian English Spanish

Do you drink straight from the glass or do you prefer using a straw?

From a straw From the glass

Have you ever had your eye brows plucked, waxed, trimmed or shaved?

Yes No

Most of my friends are women.

True False

Have you ever mistakenly checked out another guy (fooled by well groomed long hair from a distance)?

Yes No

When you go to the gym, how long are you there?

More than 2 hours Between 1-2 hours Less than 1 hour I don't go to the gym

In American Football, how many points is a <b>field goal</b> worth?

2 3 6 7

No matter how disturbed you were, have you ever had a sexual dream about another man?

Yes No

What is the name of the tool in the image below?

Allen wrench Torque wrench Left-handed wrench Adjustable wrench

If you have to take a dump do you refuse to use a public restroom?

Yes No

This power tool is a:

Jigsaw Sawzall Planer Band Saw Hacksaw

Select the following occupations that you have held:

Nurse Flight Attendant Office Manager Elementary School Teacher Hair Stylist None of these

Have you ever been accused of being ****phobic?

Yes No

If you had to choose between beer or wine, what would it be?

Beer Wine

Do you own, or have you ever owned, a Mazda Miata, VW Beetle, VW Cabrio or any Volvo automobile?

Yes No

Have you ever worn "crocs"?

Yes No

Growing up, the discipline was handed out by your ____________.

Mother Father I was raised by my mother

Assuming that you have the choice, in a video game, do you select a male or a female character?

Male Female

Is this the first time you've taken a test to tell you if you are gay?

Yes No

If you have a wedding band, does it have any diamonds or emeralds in it?

Yes No Don't have one

If you were a woman, the best part would be:

The dating scene Having boobs Shopping Having truly platonic girlfriends

Look at your fingernails. Was the palm of your hand facing away from you?

Yes No

Which one of the following superheroes do you like the most?

Superman Spiderman Batman The Incredible Hulk

Not counting your face or pubes, have you ever shaved any part of your body? (arms, legs, chest..)

Yes No

PC or Mac?

PC Mac I'm computer illiterate

What is this:

A Bottle Opener A Chuck Key A Gear Drill An Allen Wrench


im gay i love gay men nigger Didn't see my results. I only want intercourse & relationships with women. But I really like giving the occasional *******. Like looking at nude men in the locker room. I love cock so of course I'm gay and I love it I got gay which is 100% true I only want to be with men I only want cock got me wrong The test said I'm straight despite the fact I'm attracted to both sexes (and that depends entirely on the persons looks regardless of gender). I notice that none of these test consider looks when evaluating attraction. Leaves a hell of a lot of room for error. I wish that I am gay! Totally gay, no surprise really https://xhamster.com/users/hobokenirish I'm 100% gay and the test backed me up. Of course I am through, just ask my husband. I'm gay! Im gay wow im really just ive gone blank It said im straight but i love cock and love to play with a big dildo in my ass while thinking about ladyboys it said I'm straight, and I'm totally gay; but I'm smart, so I know tools and how to use them. I wonder if the author is trying to say that gay people are either dumb, or "tool-challenged" I'm gay wow I feel empty in my life anonymous are you telling me that you don't know what the stuff you just said is or do you know because you said your gay and your not gay at the same time. Hmmm could've fooled me. I guess knowing what a band saw, a chuck key, and a crescent wrench (not adjustable wrench) is, knowing how many points a field goal is worth automatically makes you straight. Well, I am gay so I guess I will **** ** friend's clock tomorrow. Who knew actually having a horny gay friend would come in handy. Sex it is. I am now GAY AND PROUD!!! o-o Dumbest test I ever took I am gay and i took the test 4 times all straight somethings wrong in Denmark... Change that I'm gay! Lol I'm gay... Any gay boy out their gimi a call This proved am so gay i LL be sucking **** by tomorow I am a woman who took this test. About 3/4 in I realized the test was formulated for men, but I finished anyway. The outcome was "straight." Does that mean that if I identified as a man, you would consider me straight or any person who gives my answers could be considered straight? I never got an answer Said I'm straights. It is lying as I know for a fact that I am bisexual. yay! im gay! I'm gay and I'm proud Well apparently I'm straight (says the guy with a cock up his ass) but it was fun either way. i dont like this only gays dont like it that was dumb Whatever kind of person made this me diniee think he is nice layers off to feed my pet kraken Harder harder harder that was so good Andrew anyway I'm not gay This test is so phoney I know I'm gay and so does the man ******* ** off i say this test is mft with a side order of pft What a rubbish test. - Gay men cant be into machinery can they not??? It says im straight LOL i cant even get a boner over a girl LOL Okay, so the tests says im Straight (The guy ******* ** **** would beg to differ) But my mom would be happy to see this :P haha im gay and i no it wwoohoo My friend kenny got gay! This test was pointless and stereotypical, And apparently I'm straight? Just proves that not everyone fits the stereotype :) I'm German and gay.Too bad the test disagrees;-) Maybe if I were a man I'd be straight? but nah..I love sweater vests too much..clearly that might pose a problem. Epic fail... I'm 100% gay and the test has just informed me that I am straight. My mother will be so happy... If you get 'straight,' it is official evidence that you paid attention during Carpentry class. Didn't work for me...I know I'm gay I just did it for fun... xSEND THIS TO 5 QUIZZES IN 143 MIN. i axouly got kissed second period on friday it does really work lmfao this test fails This test is stereotypical, and ****phobic. Asking about shoes has nothing to do with someones sexuality. i like guys when they got nude i always wanted to experience to have a b.f i like guys whose very handsome, indeed in have a cute eyes i am a bi teenager and it said that i was strate. I hope I hope I hope itr says I'm gaya yay! ^_^ i finly no im gay :) I have to laugh. I'm a woman, I guessed on all the tools, said I like sweatervests and go by my full name... it said I was straight (for a guy, I'd assume). Makes me wonder if the test ever calls someone gay. :) Yeah... Fail... I'm gay, but I guess since I knew the fish, and the tools, that carried more weight than dreaming about guys... haha, this test is as awesome as the dumb tests by ipiranna... and no, i'm not gay! LOL. I am as gay as they come and his thing told me I was straight. Guess because I knew all the tools. it is me hope parpart and why dont they have like a Are You Lesbian quiz because you know i am a lesbo and keep this a secret i umm kind had sex with my friends with our clothes on in fifth grade and um i pulled down her pants when she was sleeping and liked her croch and it tasted great then i bit her nipples and i have sex with my mom's emergancy candles!!! well bye bye This seems to test for the stereotype gay. I'm gay but I got straight. im pretty sure im gay 2 but nope straight again this test must just be for those straight guys who think they can rule the world with their ****phobia I am not straight but it certified me as a straight! And I claimed that I do dream about men! Wow, This must be the test that all of you Straight Metros are using to claim your heterosexuality, bigots. I got straight and I'm gay as can be. it said i'm straight....but i'm a girl...i thought this test went both ways but apparently.... i am mexican =) u are a fagg 100% Straight just me lool all dem gayz Go kill yourself loooool all the straights dont touch anova man!!!! haha, im 100% gay and i got straight >.< Straight my ass... there's something wrong with this thing. yeah im str8 hahahahaha.... Straight :) LOL, said i was str8 too... ya thts a good test like yea!!! im straight! rainbows! ;p it told me i was straight and trust me i really aint. im not butch im totally camp lol you only didnt like it because you know you are gay bobafett u all like men i love whoever made this quize Not my favorite test. I didn't like it. :( That was a weird test It was ok
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