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Test: The Alcohol Quiz

Category: Humor

Description: Are you an alcoholic or a lightweight?

Keywords: alcohol beer liquor

In order to be labeled as a "Scotch", the whiskey must be distilled in Scotland.

True False

In 2007, St. George Absinthe Verte from St. George Spirits of Alameda, California became the first brand of American-made absinthe legally produced and sold in the U.S. in nearly a century.

True False

As of February 28, 2008, which state has the highest number of microbreweries, regional breweries, and brew pubs per capita?

Colorado Oregon Montana Vermont

Which country has the greatest number of beer brands?

USA Brazil Russia Belgium

Which beer company uses Clydesdale horses in their advertising?

Budweiser Heineken Coors Yuengling

Guinness comes from Arthur Guinness's brewery at St. James' Gate in London, England.

Dublin, Ireland! True False

A liqueur is distilled in the absence of sugars.

True False

The oldest brewery in the United States is?

Yuengling Budweiser Coors Weihenstephaner

The fermentation of potatoes produces which type of alcohol?

rum Kahlua vodka absinthe

The gold flakes in Goldschl�ger:

increase alcohol absorption are a marketing gimmick have sharp edges which can lacerate the throat act as a schnapps flavor enhancer

How many shots of alcohol are in a traditional Long Island Iced Tea?

1 5 7 9

The "proof" measure of an alcoholic beverage is indicating what?

The alcohol content of the beverage The purity of the alcohol itself The duration of time the alcohol has fermented The rate at which the alcohol is metabolized

What color is sloe gin?

clear white red blue

The best indicator for a high quality tequila is if it has a "worm" in the bottle.

This is actually a misconception. Finding a worm in the bottle indicates that the agave plants used for production had an infestation of moths and actually indicates a lower quality product. True False

The alcohol used in a "White Russian" is:

vodka rum beer gin

A daiquiri contains _____________ and a margarita contains __________.

rum, tequila vodka, Kahlua gin, vodka whiskey, rum

Most Heineken beer is brewed in which country?

Netherlands Belgium Germany Sweden

Whiskey is distilled from fermented grains and are aged in wooden oak casks.

True False

When a drink is ordered "on the rocks" the person ordering the drink wants their drink:

Prepared as quickly as possible Mixed with fine, crushed ice So strong it will knock them "on the rocks" Mixed with regular full-sized ice cubes

Typically, in order to be classified as a "microbrewery" how many gallons, at most, must a brewery produce?

100,000 US gallons 475,000 US gallons 550,000 US gallons 675,000 US gallons


The fermentation of potatoes produces which type of alcohol? -> vodka??? You idiot! Real vodka is made of pure grain. wtf? who cares about this?
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