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Test: The Crazy Test

Category: Humor

Description: Are you crazy? Possibly so. Take this test and find out.

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Are you afraid of the dark?

No, I have my nightvision goggles at all times. Yes, when the lights go out I stand still and cry until someone finds me. No, my voices keep me company Gimme a Flashlight! On! Off! On! Off! On! Off! Weeeeeeeee!

If you were an animal, you would be a(n)_________?

A turtle... I love those protective shells A squirrel A flock of birds! Eww! Animals are dirty!

Are you crazy?

I tell myself I'm not. Some people say that. Are YOU crazy? No! I just have a lot of wierd habits.

Why did you take this quiz?

Because I think I might be crazy. Most of the voices told me to... one of them said to start a fire. Because if I don't take at least five quizzes a day, the world will end. Quizzes are fun!

What is your best friend?

A person A cricket The voices in my head I don't have one because they don't let me leave...Ever.

If you had a nickname, it would be...

Spazoid Random Idiot

Relationships are hard because...

We never agree on anything. I could be dating a spy! It's hard to pay attention when--Oooh gum!

Do you have a lot of friends?

Just a few. They usually get annoyed with me. Tons. But, they're mostly in my head. Yes

Which dream do you have more?

The naked in public dream The falling dream

Pick a word.

Love SpongeBob Cu***ber What?


You're an idiot. No offense. Well, actually. Offense intended. im a ugly basterd
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