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Test: The Metro Test

Category: Humor

Description: Are you straight, metrosexual or gay?

Look at your fingernails. Was the palm of your hand facing away from you?

Yes No

What is depicted in the following illustration?

A hole drill A depth-finder transducer A rotary hole punch A chamfer router bit

Most of my friends are women.

True False

This power tool is a:

Jigsaw Sawzall Planer Band Saw Hacksaw

Do you take care of your cuticles? Or have you ever had your nails done?

Yes No

If you've got a name like Steven, David or Michael, do you prefer to go by your formal name?

Yes (Steven, David, Michael, etc) No (Steve, Dave, Mike)

Have you ever had your eye brows plucked, waxed, trimmed or shaved?

Yes No

If you go to the gym, how long are you there?

More than 2 hours Between 1-2 hours Less than 1 hour

Have you ever been, or are you currently, a vegetarian?

Yes No

Do you have any magazine subscriptions that frequently have men featured on the cover without a shirt? (Fitness magazines, body building, etc)

Yes No

If you had to choose between beer or wine, what would it be?

Beer Wine

Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Cats Dogs

If you were a woman, the best part would be:

The dating scene Having boobs Shopping Having truly platonic girlfriends

Do you typically wear any jewelry besides a watch or a wedding band?

Yes No

Look at your watch, does it have a square face?

Yes No

Do you make an effort to eat organic food?

Yes No

Have you ever had your hair highlighted or died?

Yes No

In American Football, how many points is a field goal worth?

2 3 6 7

What is this:

A Bottle Opener A Chuck Key A Gear Drill An Allen Wrench

Do you drink straight from the glass or do you prefer using a straw?

From a straw From the glass

PC or Mac?

PC Mac

Not counting your face or pubes, have you ever shaved any part of your body? (arms, legs, chest..)

Yes No

What is the name of the tool in the image below?

Allen wrench Torque wrench Left-handed wrench Adjustable wrench

If everyone was required to speak just one language, what would your vote be?

German French Italian English Spanish

What type of fish is this?

A largemouth bass A brown trout An Atlantic salmon A snook


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