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Test: Zombie Questions

Category: Humor

Description: For zombie lovers ;)


If you had to give someone to the zombies to slow them down, who would you give them?

A sheep George Bush A joink of lamb Yourself because your so generous.

If you save 2 zombies, would you shout hit and run up to them?

Yes No

Is a Zombie still a human?

True False

If a zombie came up to you ( girl of course) and said 'gimme a kiss' what would you say yes or no?

Yes No

does a zombie have a wardrobe to change its tattered clothes?

True False Burning sensation.

If you had one thing left before you were eaten what would it be?

Masterbate Read a Time Magazine Feed your goldfish Take out as many ants in the kitchen

You gather a group of 7 men, and 15 girls. What do you do with them?

Base the men out on gaurd duty and spend time with all the girls. Have a huge party with the zombies, which includes chainsaws and shotguns Have fun throwing things at the zombies. Kill ourselfs as we were bored.

Where is the Zombies Weak-spot?

The head (ow my head, gimme tablets!) The Groin (owch) Fingers ( playing a game of Mercy) Feet ( so they cant walk? smart :P )

If someone in your family, mostly likely your mother as thats what usuals happens.... anyway what would you do if they got bit?

Just kill her, i hated the silly cow anyway. Put her on a collar and keep her as a pet. Lock her in a Room and move on. Try and love her when she's a zombie but she always trys eating me.

If you became a zombie what would you do?

Go hunt some survivors. Mate with female Zombies. Sit on the sofa eating Pizza. Fall dead for no reason.

Prefered weapon of choice when slaughtering zombies?

Chainsaw Shotgun Crossbow Shout or give bad Gamer Rep

How would you like to kill a zombie if you had to impress some judges?

Run up to it and Shove a grenade down its throut. Slice it in half with a katana. Rope it down, climb onto a judges head and snipe it. Give it a pie and walk off.


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