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Test: do you have bieber fever?

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what is justin's eye color?

brown hazel torquise purple

where does he live now?

atlanta hawaii bollywood N. Y. C.

what was his fav toy as a kid?

buzz lightyear spiderman superman the hulk

what is his favorite food?

spaghetti chicken pizza meat-loaf

is he a true gentleman?

Yes No

which one of the following is not one of his hidden talents?

juggling rapping skate-boarding gymnastics

what is his baby sister's name?

jazmin angel haley samantha

who is his mentor?

usher his mom ludacris

what is hiss favorite kind of date?

dinner & movie chilling at home cruising the town

whaere was his most recent vacation?

bahamas india hawaii virgin islands

what is his all-star charity song?

"we are the world" "one time" "one less lonley girl" "babey"

what is his dog's name?

sammy hunter buddy

what is his hair color?

blonde black brown

where was his hometown?

stratford arkansas tampa chicago

what is his mom's name?

pattie maggie betty

does he have a swagger coach?

True False

is justin bieber gay?

Yes No unfortunately

how old is he?

16 15 21 14

what religion is he?

christian jew muslim athiest

who are his two best friends?

ryan&chaz mike&austin ying&yo cheech&chong

what genre is his music under?

pop hip-hop rap r&b


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