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Test: Dolphin Quiz

Category: Mammals

Description: A test all about Dolphins

Keywords: dolphin dolphins sea mammal bottlenose

Dolphins can be categorized as:

herbivores carnivores omnivores insectivore

For large dolphins such as Orcas, the gestation period may be up to as many as 17 months.

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Dolphins hunt exclusively on solo missions, with tough competition from one another frequently ruining a potentially good catch.

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The largest dolphin is known as the killer whale, and can reach lengths of up to 30ft.

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In many areas, dolphins have no natural enemies and are an "apex predator."

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Dolphins have been observed teaching their offspring how to use tools.

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Dolphins have poor eyesight and make up for it using "echolocation."

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Dolphins are thought to be descendants of terrestrial mammals.

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Dolphins lack olfactory nerves and do not have any sense of smell.

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Since dolphins live in the ocean, they are considered to be a fish.

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