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Test: The Hard Math Test 3

Category: Math

Description: This may be the lowest test scores have ever seen. This one is timed, baby, 30 seconds for 11 questions.

Keywords: Dumb Tests, math tests, drivers test

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What is 84/2?

42 48 96 1007


91 81 96 86

What is the product of 2 and 6500?

13000 12000 11000 18000

How many dimes are in a dollar?

0 5 10 15

What is th Cir***ference of England?

0 134.23 879.32 431.21

What's 80+.74?

80.74 74.08 7769 154


49 43 44 48

What is the answer to the following question. Please answer it correctly. 8735-1=______

8734 821338754758394543987543895784395738957859358784758349753985498538974389578957439589437548395789347897593 6723484387487844878375930572758748957439857489753895734954398574895734895743895739857385789475438975389475843535 35143347628427329378429478294824829742748748274827482748742874827482742

What is the answer to question number one?

8734 8641 908 None of these are correct

How many quarters are in a whole?

3 4 5 6

What's 80 divided by 4?

20 18 31 67


ok, those 2 below anonymous on october 24 must be certified geniuses or something. This test is impossible. It takes like 10 minutes to think through ONE of iPiranna's tests. He gives us 30 seconds for eleven questions. How retarded is that? iPiranna, ur insane i got an 81.82 how r yall making 100s? 100/A+ iPiranna was right! This test is so easy! I got a 100! Yay! I got a 90.91! :) Retartment. It's too fast! Huh?
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