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Test: Are you a true Mandalorian?

Category: Movies

Description: Find out if all you are is armor, or if you know your roots.

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Who is Demagol?

A general A scientist A Leader A soldier

What is Manda'lor?

A leader. A planet. A really big ship. A starbase.

Here's a harder one- Who is Jango Fett's adopted father?

Beriin Var'haayc Visla Fett Jaster Mereel Mirta Gev

Bardan Jusik is a Mandalorian.

True False

Are you a Star Wars fan?

Yes No

Which of the following is NOT a Mandalorian Planet?

Concord Dawn Ordo Vel All of them are Mandalorian Planets

What is Mandalore?

A Leader A planet A really big ship A starbase

Who was given the nickname "Manda'lor the Exile"?

Jaster Mereel Manda'lor the Indomitable Manda'lor the First Boba Fett

What species were the original Mandalorians?

Human Trandoshan Taung Ithorian

Do you consider yourself a Mandalorian?

Yes No

What do Mandalorians value above all else?

Pride Honor Family War

What era did Demagol live in?

New Republic Clone Wars Galactic Civil War Old Republc

Boba Fett had a grandson.

True False

Who is the oldest Human Manda'lor on record?

Canderous Ordo Manda'lor the Preserver Ung Kusp Jaster Mereel

Fenn Shysa was a Manda'lor.

True False


It seems that no matter what answer you give you test as a true mandalorian. good test
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