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Test: How Perfect Are We For Eachother? (Gays only)

Category: Relationship

Description: Just for fun, let's see how compatible we are...

Keywords: Gay

Relevant Website: www.myspace.com/semarez

What kind of movies do you like?

Anything and everything as long as Im with you Chick flicks, humorus, and horror films Both of the above answers Nothing but action and violence baby Don't do movies, sorry

You are...

Total Flammer (feminine) Str8 acting Moderate but more feminine Moderate but more masculine

Does size matter?

Yes No You're perfect and I'm with you for other reasons Nothings happening if you're less than 6 inches

What are you looking to develope with me?

Just a bed buddy A real steady long term relationship Casually dating Open relationship. You're just good for now....

Please select the following that best describes you.

Treasure trial with the V-shape muscle No treasure trail and no abs Just the treasure trail Just the V- shaped abs

Would you add my

Gay profile (myspace.com/semarez) Straight profile Dont have myspace Adding both right now

It's my birthday!!!! Which of the following would be you?

A) Damn it!!!! I knew I forgot something..... B) Plan the most exciting day for you C) Dinner and a movie as usual but I got you a gift D) I have a suprised dinner for you with all of your friends and family E) Wake you up with fresh flowers and a hot breakfast that I made Either B, D, or E

Please select the one that best describes you.

Little hairy but mainly smooth Hairy Shaved Naturally hairless

Are you talking to me just to see what Im like under the sheets?

Yes No

A relationship is only as good as the sex

True False

Assuming you think I'm cute, what would you do to get my attention?

Introduce yourself and create casual talk Have a friend slip me your number Make a scene to get my attention Make alot of eye contact and smile at me in hopes I'll make the move

How old are you?

17-24 16 or younger 24 or older

You are....

White Black Hispanic Native American Asain Other

Are you out?

Yes No To the people who matter the most People don't need to know.

What would you like to do for our first date?

You choose I don't really care as long as I'm out of my house Anywhere as long as we can talk and get to know eachother better Dude... movies + my house = fun in my bed

Would you make the moves or would you sit back in hopes that I'll make all the moves?

Yes No Yes, but somehow tell me you want me No. I wan't you to make all the moves

Do you...

Trim the bush and shave the genitals Shave it all keep it all natural Keep it well groomed

Would you snuggle with me as we watched movies at my/your place

Yes No Only til I got some, then Im going home YESSSS!!!!! As long as you hold me close

What do you consider yourself?

Straight Gay Bi Just curious and experimental

Boxers or Briefs?

Strictly Boxers Strictly Briefs Boxer briefs COMMANDO!!! Thong/ sexy underwear

I say "I am performing this Friday night". Your response would be....

I can't make it but break a leg! I will be there in the front row baby! I could never miss your perform You do your thing, and I'll do my thing I'll try and make it but I'm not making any promises


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