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Test: Is your relationship real?

Category: Relationship

Description: Find out if your relationship is just friendly, bf and gf, or real lovers.


If he/she was sick with the flu you would.

Call to make sure she was ok and gather his/her school work. But kind of stay a dinstance to make sure you dont get it next. Well I would go to his/her house and no matter how bad they looked I would stay and watch a movie while massaging there achy parts while telling them I love them. I would either call or im distance is better!!! Make them soup and give them crackers. Make sure they eat and just be there with them.

Have you ever bought them an unexpected present?

Yes, because they were kind of down one day and I wanted to cheer them up. No, because I don't have the money. No, because I'm not sure if they would like it. They like to pay for themeself. No not a surprise they knew I had bought them something!

If they were crying?

ask them whats wrong and hug them and kiss them while saying i love you and just listen! walk away!!! ask whats wrong idk

Guys only. Would you carry her to bed if she scraped her leg just to make sure she was alright?

No that ***** has another working leg and wait the other still works too!!! No because it is just a scrape, but I would make sure she puts a band aid on it with that stingy cream. Yes, we wouldnt want that scrape to turn into a sprain. Yes, I get something out of it to right?! Not a guy!!!

If there was a lice epidemic going around and he/she was scratching there head like there was no tomorrow you would...

Go ask them to go to the doctor/school nurse! EWW!!! Start scratching your head uncontrollably and ask them to look at your head. And when there done ask them if you want them to look at your head. Say I just thought I saw a bug on your head. Just be honest and ask to check there head.

Guys only on this one. What would you do if a girl was puking.

I would hold her hair back so she doesnt get any of that yucky puke in her hair. Walk away so I there is no chain reaction Rub her back and press gently on her stomach because you already put her hair in a pony tail. This question is only for guys and Im a girl!

Do you love them?

Love is a strong word that holds you to only one! Love well im to young for love Love yeah I do Of course!