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Test: Should I ask her out? (Guys Only)

Category: Relationship

Description: For Confused Guys


Are the type of guy to walk her to her classes or her house?

Yes No

Do you flirt with her?

Yes Sometimes DUHHHHH... that's why I like her No

How would you ask her out?

Tell a friend Myself in person Keep it to myself Email or text her

Do you talk to her?

No... I'm shy :( Yes Sometimes We only **** each other

How much do you like her?

A LOT I don't i just want her body Kinda Not at all i just wanted to take this test for fun

Will you celebrate your month aversaries?

Yes No

Do ya'll have the same personality?

Yes IDK i don't talk to her Kinda Not at all

How long do you think this relationship will last?

1 week 1 month Months Forever Year Day

What do you like most about her?

Looks Personality Looks and Personality BREASTS!

Would have sex with her?

Everyday Not untill shes ready for my **** :P I don't believe in sex before marriage Whenever and Wherever I can


I’m scared I want her to **** ** ****!! So badly I LOVE HER l
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I Ask Her Out


Quz Suld How Qui