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Test: The Straight Test

Category: Relationship

Description: The test to find if ur straight or not!


If some1 was pressing u to have sex and their the oppisite gender of u what would u say?

It depends.... is he/she fat? im desprate so yes! YEA! NEVER NO NO NO NO NEVER

If a person of the same sex (gender) ask u out would u say....

A. TELL HIM/HER HELL YES! B. Tell him/her not now... C. SLAP THAT SON OF A ***** AND SAY NO D. say no

(if boy press .) If you had a chance to rape a girl would u do it?

Yes No .

u see the girl/guy u've been crushing on ever since 3rd grade. And u finally decide its time to act,wat do u do?

I TELL HIM/HER IM GAY/LES AND HE'S GAY/LES TOO! i hold his/her hand for 2 sec i tell him/her hi and just keep walking i tell myself its time for a change

If u had the chance to rape a guy.... would u do it? (if girl pick . and go on ahead)

Yes No .


its cool im about 90% les i like guys more thou r u a guy or gurl??? hi guys its me the creator.... post a comment to let me know how u like the test
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