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Test: The LEGO Mindstorms Quiz

Category: Robotics

Description: This test determines your knowledge of all things LEGO Mindstorms (RCX/NXT)

Relevant Website: http://www.battlebricks.com

In which year was the LEGO Mindstorm RCX released?

1990 1988 1995 1998

The NXT motors have a built-in rotation sensor.

True False

NXT-G is:

The next generation of LEGO Mindstorm currently under development The official revision of the NXT that is in production An NXT-only (g) shock sensor A graphical programming environment for the NXT

Which of the following is NOT an official LEGO Mindstorm sensor?

Compass Temperature Sound Humidity

The motors that come with the RCX kit are 'geared-down' by LEGO.

True False

An RCX touch sensor is triggered by:

The simple press of a button Detection of g-forces by its accelerometer The closing of a circuit when a cross beam is lifted The RCX kit does not have touch sensors

The difference between the RCX 1.0 and the RCX 2.0 is:

For the RCX 2.0 a power adapter was added The RCX 1.0 had a power adapter A USB 2.0 interface was added to the RCX brick for the RCX 2.0 There is no difference, it was a marketing trick

To compute "gear ratio" you must:

Divide the number of teeth in the drive gear by the number of teeth in the driven gear Multiply the number of teeth in the drive gear by the number of teeth in the driven gear Add the total number of teeth in all gears in the system and multiply by 3.14 (pi) Divide the number of gears by the number of axles in the geared system

In March of 2007, the WiigoBot:

Was featured on G4TV's Attack of the Show Bowled a perfect game on the Nintendo Wii Was blogged on gizmodo and engadget All of the above

The NXT ultrasonic sensor can be used for:

Determining proximity to objects Building an in memory picture using infrared Listening to other NXT audio signatures Linking two NXT bricks together on a common carrier frequency

The NXT came out before the RCX.

True False

To increase speed and reduce torque you would:

Use a larger drive gear coupled to smaller driven gear Use two large gears with a worm drive Cross-pin an axle transmission with an overhead gearbox Use a small drive gear coupled to larger driven gear

The NXT firmware has been "open sourced" by LEGO.

True False

At which University was the LEGO RCX platform invented?

MIT RPI Harvard Cornell

A LEGO Mindstorm robot must be remote controlled.

True False

lejos is:

A LEGO competitor that makes high quality sensors Java for RCX and NXT bricks A proprietary programming model used in most of Europe A large gear box used in robotics competitions

The NXT sound sensor has been designed to only be able to detect sounds which are in the audible range of humans.

True False

lejos supports recursion, multi-threading and synchronization.

True False

NQC is:

"Not Quite C" programming language for the RCX The beta version of the NXT A graphical toolkit for programming the NXT A common error message displayed on the RCX

Generally, which is more compatible with traditional LEGO pieces?


The RCX requires 6 AA batteries while the NXT requires only 4 AA batteries.

True False

The NXT supports Bluetooth.

True False

The main difference between the light sensor in the RCX kit and the NXT kit is that the NXT light sensor has the ability to "see" in color.

True False


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