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Test: Are You A Freak?

Category: Self Assessment

Description: Find out if you are a freak or not.

Keywords: freak, are, you, a

Do many people know you for the stupid, crazy, idiotic, insane, and sometimes life threatening stunts that you do?

Yes No

Has your family disowned you?

Yes No

Are you nocturnal?

Yes No

Do you wear black a lot?

Yes No

Do you have body piercings? (And for those who think that body piercings aren't wierd, YES THEY ARE!!!)

Yes No

Does your haircut make you look like a goth, emo, or wild animal?

Yes No

Do some people people feel very uncomfortable talking to you?

Yes No

Do you do things that shock people?

Yes No


ok look i thought this test was bout r u a freak meaning like a dirty freak not like someone crazy even thou i am but o well You might be one, but probably not?! what the hell is that supposed to mean? You know what, you're an idiot go back to school and pay attention. NO body piercing are NOT weird you're just jealous of those who have them and are afraid of pain you wimp!
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