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Test: Are You A Good Driver?

Category: Self Assessment

Description: Quiz telling if you are a good driver or not. Have Fun!!! ;)

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How many times did it take you to pass your driver's exam?

1 2 3-5 more than 5

Do you always keep a safe distance from the car infront of you?

Yes No

Do you make sure your passengers are wearing seat belts too?

Yes No

What is ABS?

Automated Backup System Antilock Brake System Automatic Brake System None of the above

How many miles over the speed limit do you normally go?

1-5 6-10 10 or more Over the speed limit!?! Are you crazy!?!

Pedestrians are_________.

Targets People with feelings that should be avoided are to be avoided because hitting tham would dent your grille and hood None of the above

Do you slow down when children are playing near the road?

Yes No

Have you ever been in accident while driving?

Yes No

Do you check your oil and tire pressure periodically?

Yes No

Do you always put your seat belt on before you start driving?

Yes No

Have you avoided driving tickets?

Yes No

Do you adjust your speed according to conditions?

Yes No

Select most correct.

Everbody on the road is an idiot, they deserve what they get!!! I'm neither aggresive nor conservative. I'm so afraid of getting in a wreck!!!

Do you keep your insurance info in the car?

Yes No

Speed Limits are ____________.

Overated There for your safety The suggested speed None of the above

Have you ever broken a restriction on your license?

Yes No

Do you use cell phones while driving?

Yes No

Did you read the ENTIRE driver's handbook?

Yes No

When crossing railroad tracks, do you stop or yield to make sure there is no train coming?

Yes No

Do you always come to a full stop at stop signs?

Yes No


whhaaa i'm reely a bad drivr apparaentally im a good driver and im only 12 lol cruised right through without stopping. made it safely, too!
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