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Test: California Department of Motor Vehicles Driver's Test

Category: Self Assessment

Description: You must answer 29 out of 36 questions correctly, good luck!


Relevant Website: www.dmv.ca.gov

California's "Basic Speed Law" says:

You should never drive faster than posted speed limits. You should never drive faster than is safe for current conditions. The maximum speed limit in California is 70 mph on certain freeways.

Should you always drive slower than other traffic?

No, you can block traffic when you drive too slowly. Yes, it is a good defensive driving technique. Yes, it is always safer than driving faster than other traffic.

If you plan to pass another vehicle, you should:

Not assume the other driver will make space for you to return to your lane. Assume the other driver will let you pass if you use your turn signal. Assume the other driver will maintain a constant speed.

With a Class C drivers license a person may drive:

A 3-axle vehicle if the Gross Vehicle Weight is less than 6,000 pounds. Any 3-axle vehicle regardless of the weight. A vehicle pulling two trailers.

You are driving on the freeway. The vehicle in front of you is a large truck. You should drive:

Closely behind the truck in bad weather because the driver can see farther ahead. Farther behind the truck than you would for a passenger vehicle. No more than one car length behind the truck so the driver can see you.

There is no crosswalk and you see a pedestrian crossing your lane ahead. You should:

Make eye contact and then pass him/her. Slow down as you pass him/her. Stop and let him/her finish crossing the street.

If you have a green light, but traffic is blocking the intersection, you should:

Stay out of the intersection until traffic clears. Enter the intersection and wait until traffic clears. Merge into another lane and try to go around the traffic.

To turn left from a multilane one-way street onto a one-way street, you should start your turn from:

Any lane (as long as it is safe). The lane closest to the left curb. The lane in the center of the road.

You are driving on a freeway posted for 65 MPH. The traffic is traveling at 70 MPH. You may legally drive:

75 MPH or less. 70 MPH or less. 65 MPH or less.

It is illegal to park your vehicle:

In an unmarked crosswalk Within three feet of a private driveway. In a bicycle lane.

Which of the following statements about blind spots is true?

They are eliminated if you have one outside mirror on each side of the vehicle. Large trucks have bigger blind spots than most passenger vehicles. Blind spots can be checked by looking in your rear view mirrors.

You are approaching a railroad crossing with no warning devices and are unable to see 400 feet down the tracks in one direction. The speed limit is:

15 mph 20 mph 25 mph

You drive defensively when you:

Always put one car length between you and the car ahead. Look only at the car in front of you while driving. Keep your eyes moving to look for possible hazards.

You are getting ready to make a right turn. You should:

Stop first and then proceed when it is safe. Stop before entering the right lane and let all other traffic go first. Slow down or stop, if necessary, and then make the turn.

When you are merging onto the freeway, you should be driving:

At or near the same speed as the traffic on the freeway. 5 to 10 MPH slower than the traffic on the freeway. The posted speed limit for traffic on the freeway.

It is a very windy day. You are driving and a dust storm blows across the freeway reducing your visibility. You should drive slower and turn on your:

Interior lights. Parking lights. Headlights.

If you are involved in a traffic collision, you are required to complete and submit a written report (SR1) to the DMV:

Only if you or the other driver is injured. If there is property damage in excess of $750 or if there are any injuries. Only if you are at fault.

You must obey instructions from school crossing guards:

At all times. Only during school hours. Unless you do not see any children present.

The safest precaution that you can take regarding the use of cellular phones and driving is:

Use hands-free devices so you can keep both hands on the steering wheel. Keep your phone within easy reach so you won't need to take your eyes off the road. Pull over to the side of the road to use your cellular phone.

A white painted curb means:

Loading zone for freight or passengers. Loading zone for passengers or mail only. Loading zone for freight only.

You may cross a double, yellow line to pass another vehicle, if the yellow line next to:

The other side of the road is a solid line. Your side of the road is a broken line. The other side of the road is a broken line.

You see a signal person at a road construction site ahead. You should obey his or her instructions:

Only if you see orange cones on the road ahead. Unless they conflict with existing signs, signals, or laws. At all times.

You may not park your vehicle:

On the side of the freeway in an emergency. Next to a red painted curb. Within 100 feet of an elementary school.

Two sets of solid, double, yellow lines that are two or more feet apart:

May be crossed to enter or exit a private driveway. May not be crossed for any reason. Should be treated as a separate traffic lane.

You are about to make a left turn. You must signal continuously during the last ____ feet before the turn.

50 75 100

When driving in fog, you should use your:

Fog lights only. High beams. Low beams.

When parking uphill on a two-way street with no curb, your front wheels should be:

Turned to the left (toward the street). Turned to the right (away from the street). Parallel with the pavement.

Roadways are the most slippery:

During a heavy downpour. After it has been raining for awhile. The first rain after a dry spell.

All of the following practices are dangerous to do while driving. Which of these is also illegal?

Listening to music through headphones that cover both ears. Adjusting your outside mirrors. Transporting an unrestrained animal inside the vehicle.

I would like to know, and think it would be beneficial for the date this test was last updated and checked with current laws, to be posted at the top of each test. There are tons of sample sites out there, I think yours is fabulous- so long as it's current, which I don't have anyway of being confident of. Thanks for creating! So when was this last updated, and can you post it in the name or somewhere clearly?

what is this?

A solid yellow line next to a broken yellow line means that vehicles:

In both directions may pass. Next to the broken line may pass. Next to the solid line may pass.

A large truck is ahead of you and is turning right onto a street with two lanes in each direction. The truck:

May complete its turn in either of the two lanes. May have to swing wide to complete the right turn. Must stay in the right lane at all times while turning.

A school bus ahead of you in your lane is stopped with red lights flashing. You should:

Stop, then proceed when you think all of the children have exited the bus. Slow to 25 MPH and pass cautiously. Stop as long as the red lights are flashing.

Which of these vehicles must always stop before crossing railroad tracks?

Tank trucks marked with hazardous materials placards. Motor homes or pickup trucks towing a boat trailer. Any vehicle with 3 or more axles or weighing more than 4,000 pounds.

You are driving on a freeway posted for 65 mph. Most of the other vehicles are driving 70 mph or faster. You may legally drive:

70 mph or faster to keep up with the speed of traffic. Between 65 mph and 70 mph. No faster than 65 mph.

You want to make a right turn at an upcoming intersection. You should slow down and:

Move toward the left side of your lane. Avoid driving in the bicycle lane. Signal for 100 feet before turning.

You must notify the DMV within 5 days if you:

Sell or transfer your vehicle. Fail a smog test for your vehicle. Get a new prescription for lenses or contacts.

You may drive off of the paved roadway to pass another vehicle:

If the shoulder is wide enough to accommodate your vehicle. If the vehicle ahead of you is turning left. Under no cir***stances.

You just sold your vehicle. You must notify the DMV within ___ days.

5 10 15

You are driving on a one-way street. You may turn left onto another one-way street only if:

A sign permits the turn. Traffic on the street moves to the right. Traffic on the street moves to the left.

If you drive faster than other vehicles on a road with one lane in each direction and continually pass the other cars, you will:

Get you to your destination much faster and safer. Increase your chances of an accident. Help prevent traffic congestion.

Always stop before you cross railroad tracks when:

You don't have room on the other side to completely cross the tracks. The railroad crossing is located in a city or town that has frequent train traffic. You transport two or more young children in a passenger vehicle.

Unless otherwise posted the speed limit in a residential area is ____.

20 mph 25 mph 30 mph

At intersections, crosswalks, and railroad crossings, you should always:

Stop, listen, and proceed cautiously. Look to the sides of your vehicle to see what is coming. Slowly pass vehicles that seem to be stopped for no reason.

what is the speed limit when children are at play in their schoolyard?

25 miles per hour 15 to 20 miles per hour 10 miles per hour 5 miles per hour

To avoid last minute moves, you should be looking down the road to where your vehicle will be in about ______________.

5 to 10 seconds 10 to 15 seconds 15 to 20 seconds

You may legally block an intersection:

When you entered the intersection on the green light. During rush hour traffic. Under no cir***stances.

When you tailgate other drivers (drive close to their rear bumper):

You can frustrate the other drivers and make them angry. Your actions cannot result in a traffic citation. You help reduce traffic congestion.

When can you drive in a bike lane?

During rush hour traffic if there are no bicyclists in the bike lane. When you are within 200 feet of a cross street where you plan to turn right. When you want to pass a driver ahead of you who is turning right.

You see a flashing yellow traffic signal at an upcoming intersection. The flashing yellow light means:

Stop before entering the intersection as long as you can do so safely. Stop. Yield to all cross traffic before crossing the intersection. Slow down and cross the intersection carefully.

You have been involved in a minor traffic collision with a parked vehicle and you can't find the owner. You must:

Leave a note on the vehicle. Report the accident without delay to the city police or, in unincorporated areas, to the CHP. Both of the above.

When parking your vehicle parallel to the curb on a level street:

Your front wheels must be turned toward the street. Your wheels must be within 18 inches of the curb. One of your rear wheels must touch the curb.


if you can read you can find the answers to the questions. duh... Passed??30/36 yess How many question does dmv actual test in california How do I know. If I pass? I can’t even see how much score Do I have Thanks Does any age group get 36 questions? B Pass the test I pass the test Got 36 out of 36 on first try. i got 36/36 yesssssss I made 3 errors out of 36 is that good enough to pass the test? Yey i passed! Yi Where is my score? you are all retarded. the score is all the way up top below the blue adchoices banner. Did I pass, where can I see my score Did I pass where does it say Another kiddos for the dmv...............figures! need to know the answers check answers What a CROCK, what good does it do to take the test when you give no clue as to what the answers are , this is STUPID AS ARE the stupid PEOPLE that work for DMV , and PS couldn`t log in with the correct e-mail and pass word , what a B.S. waist of time . william.k@cox.net would like to know the score Would like to know what my score is, how do I find out. Answers to the 36 questions? what was my score? how can i see the answers for each question for checking how can i see the answers for each questions for checking What was my score? what was my score dont know how to get it what was my score How to check answers passed 35/36~!!!!!!!! woot!!!!! if u guys who doesnt know how to check the answer ... look down... under option... click to (>> CHECK ANSWER) where are the answers?? how can you know if you got a perfect score? howdoifindtheanswers How do I find the answers? How to I find the answers? How do I find the answers? how do I find the answers Where do I click for the answers to the questions? I found the button for checking your answer. thanks I still did not find the button to check my answer. Please help how should i know how many question is wrong can i see my score 35/36. Hope the real test is like this. Also, everyone who can't find their answers or score, probably shouldn't be operating a vehicle.... my score was: passes 36/17..i just read half ( less than half book)..and i think about my self test tht how much i understoond...not bad.i hope next time i will get 36/34..:)) My score was: Passed 34/36 and I only got 1 wrong and also I am confused because when checking my answers it went from 36 questions to 35 There are 36 questions and it said that my score is 34/36 but it's only showing 35 questions instead of 36 how do i see my score i click finish but it doesnt work ? i got it all right in here but i don't know in dmv it gonna be kind like this or different it this really help This kinda helps ,, I already Failed once . Dont want to Fail again -______- . . btw theres other websites that help . I think its Better than thiss ! i almost got perfect scores here.but totally different to actual written exam today.....i failed! ver disappointing.! you idiots it says the SAFEST precaution regarding the use of cellphones and driving; therefore the answer is to pull over and use it how can i see my score up here 7/26/2011 i know alot a ppl that been driving with out a licence for years and still havent got cough lol how can i see my score all quiz is fun if you check with hand book really it's confuseing questions question number 14 according to the handbook ADULTS may use a cell phone with a hands free device while operating a vehicle. Granted it is not advised but it is LEGAL How many did I miss? need test for 6-19-11 The safest precaution that you can take regarding the use of cellular phones and driving is: Use hands-free devices so you can keep both hands on the steering wheel - That is the answer. 17. You are getting ready to make a right turn. You should: 27% Stop first and then proceed when it is safe. 6% Stop before entering the right lane and let all other traffic go first. 68% Slow down or stop, if necessary, and then make the turn. I am confused. farsi I have gone thru this test 3x's,only 2 have the last screen to freeze up! Complete waste of my time! ALL THREE TIMES!!!! UGH! I hope this is the same as the real test! test farsi 36/36 yeah son ! Yaaaay, I only got 2 wrong ! I'm gon hella murder the test this week. Yeeeeaaaa boooooiiiiii :D Couldn't find what I got right/wrong. Where is the "Check your answer" button?? Okay it was helpful, but it didn't show my score...that sucked To all the people complaining about not knowing which answers you got right/wrong. There is a something 4 tabs above the comment section. It's labeled "Check your answers". If you click on that, it should give you the results on which ones you got correct or wrong. So yeah... learn to read before you complain... Agustin Lopez is a PAN OHHH yeah only 2 wrong ima RAPE this DMV test i got 3 questions wrong from this. now i am totally ready to take my test. wish me luck this sucks! gaste todo el dia para esto? mamones!!! you guys dont even post the correct answers. so whats the point of this?:/ no mamen. pinches mentirosos. I believe I answered all correctly....it just takes thinking it through and common sense. how to apply DMV Here I am taking the test, but never know what questions I failed. How can I learn? Why do you not give right or wrong answers after taking test? How is a person to learn, and correct??? You're not helping by not advising. Your all gay 15. The safest precaution that you can take regarding the use of cellular phones and driving is: 1.Use hands-free devices so you can keep both hands on the steering wheel. 2.Keep your phone within easy reach so you won't need to take your eyes off the road. 3.Pull over to the side of the road to use your cellular phone..... Correct Answer is #1 Use hands-free devices so you can keep both hands on the steering wheel. It would be helpful to know what question/s we did not answer correctly. This would help us to check our "Driver's Handbook" to correct our mistake/s as well as increase our driver knowledge and skills. Apparently the corect answer to 11 is look to the sides of your vehicle to see what is coming. I blieve the correct answer isstop look listen and proceed with caution.In question 25 I think the answe should b in a bycycle lane, apparntl thou so ery much. Alfred F Millerye aanser is in an umarked cross walk. Otherwise I found the test to e accurate and covers the subject accurately. Thank Win 7, neither in Firefox nor IE does the "Check your answers" appear. Maybe better this way as some comments here say that some answers are rated incorrectly in this program anyway i take the test to day and I make it...awesome..hi everyone keep taking the practise test it help me to pass WOW! this test helped sooo muchh. i only missed two on here and got 100% on my final written test..WOOT WOO :) The tests give some opposite answers for same question. Many questions are left out especially regarding any about drunk driving, license classes, driving points, recinding liscenses, etc. I would like a sample test that most resembles the actual test as I remember it. what's my score what score did i get? i wan know my score i wan to know my score how can i know my score This test hella helped me out so thank u for whoever made this test I find these questions totally helpful. no answers I am a senior citizen that has not taken the written test in years. I found this test very helpful. I also disagree with the cell phone answer. In the book it says to use a hands free device. Not to pull over. Please correct the answer. Thanks nt even da same need some harder qustions dmv Answers: http://www.sometests.com/printanswers/CaliforniaDepartmentofMotorVehiclesDriversTest.html?seed=1272271458422 It may pop up your printer options, so don't freak. the answers sir???????? THIS ONE LOOKS LIKE DMV REGULAR TEST BUT ITS NOT. Pls, give me some more tests. tk u i want other sample tests plz can u shows me some is this test the same with the dmv written test plz, cause and this one is hard too XD S XSAS ZaAAXDZSD These are pretty much the exact same questions on the sample tests at dmv.ca.gove, I havent taken the test yet but this is probably similar to the real one, so if your not good at this, your probably not ready for the real test. Wow....I will explain how to find the answers for the idiots that cant find it. There is a box on the page that contains the icons Share, Email, Print, Suggest, Dispute, Rating, and the approval Rating from Users. Directly under that box is the words "Check your answers" with a lovely arrow next to it. You can click the arrow or "Check your answers" (convenient, right?). It will then show you the questions, the answers you chose, and the correct answer. It will only show the correct and wrong answer if you got it wrong. If it is uncolored like mine, then congratulations, you got them all right. The ones with green, bold letters is the correct answers. The red, bold letters is the retarded answer you put. Hope this helps..... damn i think this think help me more then having to read the book to myself hahahah thank to who ever post this :) and the test question is the same too :) at DMV The answer to question no 16 is WRONG! how many questions are on the real drivers test?? yes this is realy help me. but when i get to dmv i forgoten ! i don't worry iremember if i not going to pay again, just kidding, really help. Wow. This test was pretty cool. Kind of like The Hard Math Test. very helpful for me, in dmv I passed my test without mistakes )) show correct answer show me answer sheet Ridiculous question:The safest precaution that you can take regarding the use of cellular phones and driving is: 1.Use hands-free devices so you can keep both hands on the steering wheel. 2. Keep your phone within easy reach so you won't need to take your eyes off the road. 3.Pull over to the side of the road to use your cellular phone. The exact same question is on the DMV site but the answer is actually 1 over there. Using hands free devices is still safe, obviously, and nobody would pull over to use their phone because you can't even pull over on highways or freeways except in emergencies anyways! How stupid. And yes you can check your answers, it's almost right under the "Optional: earn money for making tests" answer These questions not helpful IF answers are not explained !! Please re-vamp this site to make more learner friendly- stupid question, When you tailgate other drivers (drive close to their rear bumper) 1. You can frustrate the other drivers and make them angry. 2. Your actions cannot result in a traffic citation. 3. You help reduce traffic congestion. what does this have to do with the traffic laws, the correct answer is #1 although this can result in a traffic citation. you are supposed to answer based on the frustration factor of the driver in front of you. i think this question should not be on the test. this is a test about laws, not the frustration of the driver in front of you on the road. who is to know if the driver will be angry. I did really bad the first time i took this test. But then i studied other test alot and took this one again and only got 2 wrong. Woo Hoo! im taking my test at the DMV on thurs, i have more confidence now : ) after i practice the test how can i check answere to see how did i do Thank you for the pre-test review. Could not have done without it. Vietnam Vet, HM1 how do i locatetheanswers tothe test? I would like more questions on trafic lights click on check your answers how long do you get to sit the test for real How do I locate the answers to the test? how do I locate the questions I got wrong is this like an actuall test i would like to know my score on the driver test anonymous: I was appalled at my first test score ( missed 6 out of 36). Some intense studying and the next test showed improvement. 3rd try. right on. Thanks for the sample test. I missed three, is that passing need help test Answers hi iam awet i living in folorida ineed to get my poroment you cam help me if help i so happy I'd like to know which questions I missed and can't find "Check your answers" as was suggested earlier. Test is no good without knowing the correct answers. Aloha. I just moved back home to California from Hawaii and was so happy that I answered all the questions correctly. It must have something to do with living in Hawaii and "hanging loose". Happy election day! November 4, 2008 Often the questions asked try to confuse you! good test How did I do on this test? HOW DO I KNOW CORRET OR IN CORRECT FOR MY ANSWER how do i know correct or in correct for my answer? I'm very pleased to be able to receive this information. I've tried everything to receive DMV Test help and beside the 2008 DMV book this is the only test help I was able to get. I need the questions and answers. Thanks again for your help. Appreciate your time. who ever gets their license don't get your gas at shell in santa cruz on the conner of sventh and soquel it's a waist of your cash. [plus the owner is a dog eater] I passed but I wish there were a couple more sample tests that we could take. test1 I just took this test and it absolutely does tell you the right and wrong answers. You have to click "Check your answers". You can even print the answers from the printer icon in the toolbar above! These test has no full meaning unless it shows the missed questions with the corrected answers. Results now include score! What's my score?
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