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Test: The Stupid Test

Category: Self Assessment

Description: Are you stupid? Some common sense and trick questions.

How many sides does a hexagon have?

5 6 7 8

What continent is Italy in?

Asia Europe Middle East Oceania

you r a bus driver. wat's ur name

sandy jack other tom

Blood is filtered by which organ?

Lungs Kidneys Liver Intestines

There are 10 cards and you take 7 away, how many cards are you left with?

None 3 7 10

Under ordinary conditions, what direction does water drain from a sink in the Northern Hemisphere?

Clockwise Counterclockwise Unpredictable

How many months have 28 days?

Every month has at least 28 days. 1 2 4 12

The largest animal to have ever lived is:

Killer Whale African Elephant Blue Whale Ultrasaurus

Under normal conditions, what temperature (in Celsius) does water freeze?

-32 0 32 100

how many days in a year is there?

100 365.25 8000 900

A water molecule's molecular formula is:

SO2 Na2O O2 H2O

The symbol 'Pb' in the periodic table of elements is:

Lead Boron Bromine Palladium

How many quarters are there in an American football game?

1 2 3 4

A quarter, dime, nickel and penny are worth how much?

40 cents 41 cents 42 cents 43 cents

Earth's largest natural satellite is the moon.

True False

The common name of the femur is the:

ankle bone knee cap thigh bone calf bone

What does 13 + 9 equal?

16 19 21 22

Who are you?

I don't know. I am confused What are you talking about. I'm not tellin.

Which "theory" do you subscribe to most, Evolution or Intelligent Design?

Evolution Intelligent Design

For what chemical process do plants need sunlight, CO2 and water?

Photosynthesis Protoplasty Chemosynthesis Precipitation

The longest river in the world is:

Nile Yangtze Savannah Mississippi

How many continents are there on Earth?

5 7 9 10

Judith and Andrew are ona date and their bill comes to £68.90 nd Judith pays one half how much does Andrew pay?

your supposed to find the value £34.25 one half nothing he does a runner £34.50

By definition, the average IQ is:

100 110 125 130

What is the meaning of life?

Dean is the ruler of all People with glasses always know better what a guy man (1 point for this answer) There is 20 point for this answer This one is the right answer I dont know you tell me

Which vitamin is abundant in citrus fruits?

Vitamin A Vitamin B Vitamin C Vitamin D

What is the nearest star?

The Sun Centauri Rigil Kentaurus Sirius

What is my name?

Sarah bob jerry jessica tommy stve

Under normal conditions, what temperature (in Celsius) does water boil?

32 100 212 373

What is the sum of numbers from 1 through 10?

29 37 49 55

Earth's gravity is:

8.9 m/s? 9.8 m/s? 11.3 m/s? 12.2 m/s?

A right angle is...

0 degrees 30 degrees 45 degrees 90 degrees

What is this:

The Grand Staff Full Palette Full Measure The Ledger Line

What percentage of the Earth's surface is water?

71 73 76 81

How many legs does a spider have?

4 6 8 10


wow ive been ranked STUPID on 2 diferent tests. i must b bludy retarted i like pretty "poney's" QUE! this is a very stupid test. i dont understand them... Another person upset that they are stupid (60%).
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