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Test: Dumb Blonde Test

Category: Self Assessment

Description: Are you a dumb blonde? Find out here!!!

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What is your favorite color?

Pink Red Blue Green, for everyonebeing jealous of me. Thirteen

Do you have a long attention span?

As a matter of fact, I do. Of course I do, I mean, who actually gets distracted by something stupid like Ooooh a bug!!!

Okay, let's start off easy. What color is your hair?

Col-or?... Ooooh!!! Pink is a color! Blonde Brunette Black Yellow!

After telling your friends story, do they often ask, "What the heck are you talking about?"

O-M-G. All the Everyday! Nope. Because I make sense. Yeah. Usually when they get distrcted by my hotness.

Why are taking this quiz?

Because it sounded funny. Because I'm a Dumb Blonde! Because I'm NOT a Dumb Blonde!!! Because I'm a blonde... but not dumb. Because I like to Click the Mouse button. Weeeeee!!!

Who is your favorite blonde celebrity?

Paris Hilton Marilyn Monroe Reese Witherspoon Brad Pitt Elvis!!!

Despite the stereotype, dumb blondes can be either male or female. Which are you?

I look like a ken doll, male and blonde, but not plastic. I'm a barbie doll!!!


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