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Test: Gay test (guys only)

Category: Self Assessment

Description: Are u gay??? Well ya probaly are if ur tryin to find out

Keywords: Gay test gayness ****sexual

Ok now after all this what so you think your sexual orientation is

Straight Gay Bi Uhhhh......

If i was to say a model and came to ur house in lingerie wold u **** me?

Yes No

Hve u ever stared at someone crotch area?

Yes No

Have u ever had sexual dreams about a man no matter how disturbing it was for u?

Yes No

Have you ever masturbated??? Dont lie ur only fooling urself!

Yes No

Are most of your friends female?

Yes No

Have u evr had sex with another man?

Yes No

Look in ur pants what do you see???

Another man Briefs Boxer breifs Thong Tighty whiteys Boxers

Have u evr stuck something up ur ass to feel wat its like

Yes No

Did you ever crossdress????

Yes but i was forced No but i want to Yes it was so fun Are u nuts of course not!!!!

Is your favourite singer maddona??

Yes No

Have you ever got an erection over another man

Yes No

Do watch porn???

Lesbian porn Gay porn Strait porn Dont watch it


Gay Test For Guys Are You Gay Bi Straight Test For Boys Only Gay Straight Assessment


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