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Test: The Popularity Test

Category: Self Assessment

Description: Are you popular or a geek? Take this test and find out if you are HOT or NOT!!!


How many friends do you have?

0-5 6-25 26-50 More than 50

How often do you date? (If married put previous dating average)

I'm dating all the time! (5-6 days per week) Usually 2 or 3 times per week Hardly ever. Once or twice a month. What's a date?

Are you hot?

Baby, I'm steaming!!! 10+ I'm a 7 I'm average, maybe a 5 I'm uuuuuuuuuuuuuugly!!!

What kind of grades do you get in school?

Straight A's. I'm a genius! A's-B's. I'm pretty smart. B's-C's. I'm not that into grades. D's-Worse. I'm a complete loser!!!

How much is your car?

Please, my Ferrari is over 150,000! My car is about 30,000. My car is a piece of crap!!! What car?

Do you think you are popular?

Excuse me? Yeah!!! Kinda... I dunno... Not really...

How many days of the week do you go out?

3+ 2 1 0


wud up doe!
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