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Test: What Breed of Dog Should You Get?

Category: Self Assessment

Description: Dog Breed Selector: This test will determine the best breed of dog for you


What is the minimum degree of friendliness towards strangers you want in a dog?

Very friendly Friendly Reserved Protective No Preference

What size dog do you prefer?

Very Small Small Medium Large Very Large No Preference

Will this be your first dog?

Yes No

What is the highest degree of dependence on people you will be able to handle?

Very dependent on people Moderately dependent on people Balanced Moderately independent of people Very independent of people No preference

after the quiz i didnt even get an answer i still have the question i had when i started "what breed of dog should i get?"

i dont know i dont know i dont know i dont know

Will the dog be living with you in an apartment or a house?

House Apartment

What is your minimum temperament allowance towards children?

Best with older, considerate children Good with children Good with children only if raised with children Excellent with children No preference

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What degree of required exercise will you be able to accommodate?

Lots of exercise Moderate Very little

How much shedding can you tolerate?

Little to none Average Heavy No preference

Why isn't this thing telling me the results after I had finished the test?

because this site is stupid because this site is dumb because this site sucks because this is a waste of time


YAYYYY A SAMMY, A SAMOYED THEY ARE SOOOO CUTE! So one single day i was just hanging with my friends and they were being mean to me does this make sence i dontthink so This is so domb I love doing quizes I didn't get the answer dang it!!!?? Ok thanks Great Dane best Dog!!! Where is the answer you guy are gust being stupid and some of you are good, im going to get a dog i need good answers ok. i'm gust a kid looking for good answers. so please STOP being mean.:( ok thanks Ideit just by a dog peace out $$$$$$ mother beeeeeeeeeep your a weirdo On the beagle, yes it is. I had one. They are very loyal to their owner, don't really shed (maybe some, they can be playful when they want to be. And you sure you're Selena?? I got basset hound I got beagle!!! Are they a good breed??? PLZ ANSWER!!!! Pretty good quiz I think....... can anyone give me a list of good small dog breeds that anyone's had that are easy to train and house train, dont shed, are clean, and playful! Thanks sooo much. Justin case u might want to answer this because I'm famous I'm Selena Gomez!!! :) LOve U my fans!!! No result.................. This IS gay THis is so stupid this is gayyy lol I answered little to no hair and it gave me a collie!!!!! it did not tell me wich dog it did not even tell me what dog to get great [url=http://www.sometests.com/tests/SelfAssessment/WhatBreedofDogShouldYouGet.html][img]http://www.sometests.com/score_images/142864_f0f0ff_340d3c0d-5af3-11e0-bc77-27fb0dc4f143.jpg[/img]What Breed of Dog Should You Get?[/url] WOW! It didn't even tell me which type of dog i should get [url=http://sometests.com/tests/SelfAssessment/WhatBreedofDogShouldYouGet.html][img]http://sometests.com/score_images/142864_f0f0ff_b9b83806-46ce-11e0-9b52-f3f94c72f93b.jpg[/img]What Breed of Dog Should You Get?[/url] I got Dalmation!!! although i prefer Border Collies... but this was a good quiz [url=http://www.sometests.com/tests/SelfAssessment/WhatBreedofDogShouldYouGet.html][img]http://www.sometests.com/score_images/142864_f0f0ff_36c7509d-c696-11df-8af2-fb78aa4d4d93.jpg[/img]What Breed of Dog Should You Get?[/url] I already have a beagle and he is a pain in the butt.I love him though but scratches nonstop gets into MY food(no one else's food) and he won't stop howling no matter what,when he starts he won't stop I believe in AKC & this is garbage. 8 questions!?! Folks - you just gotta do the homework. A purebred dog has been perfected over generations (Hello, sometimes millennia!!) to do a specific job by behaving specific ways with superHUMAN ability. When you match your realistic expectations to the right breed, you are guaranteed a loving pet that will be your own extraordinary blend of companion & partner. I promise that your years of pride and contentment will be well worth the few hours of genuine (again - 8 questions?!?)research! smugly signed MCN -> one of the lucky companions of the aloof, hyperalert, yet ever-loving & ever-loyal handsome SOB Bene****. Hey mdamour1976, yo, wondering if this is just me or not, but for me the test directory is all messed up, it wont let me pick any from there, I can only pick tests from the home screen b'cuz there are so many "buttony" things covering the test directory screen. might wanna take a look at that if it's not just me. And maybe remove some of the janky tests that have no questions in them too, they can really downgrade a test site. [url=http://www.sometests.com/tests/SelfAssessment/WhatBreedofDogShouldYouGet.html][img]http://www.sometests.com/score_images/142864_f0f0ff_dc12cbde-339f-11df-bbf3-01e3961f9f83.jpg[/img]What Breed of Dog Should You Get?[/url] I got a beagle. Really cute but I would rather something like a cavilier or Maltese. Oh well. Next site I got scottish terrier [url=http://www.sometests.com/tests/SelfAssessment/WhatBreedofDogShouldYouGet.html][img]http://www.sometests.com/score_images/142864_f0f0ff_87c047c6-051d-11df-94ba-47ad0bf98df6.jpg[/img]What Breed of Dog Should You Get?[/url] Ilike my pet collies they are excellent family dogs I took these dogs after doing this test. i got a basset hound? i live in a tiny apartment and aske for a tiny dog this quiz sucks crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i actually have 7 acres and live in a mansion in florida, so i have a lot of room and the dogs have there own mini replica of my house, so you no i love the dog i got(rottweiler) they are very good dogs and there big dogs big dogs are easy to cuddle with but i have a question 4 you. i have 5 dogs alredy and am thinking about getting 2 more( dont worry i have TOOOOO much space 4 them) should i get 2 rottwielers or another dog and if another dog please tell me one i could get? PLEASE ANSWER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already have a Lhasa Absu and English Bulldog! Those r like the 2 best breeds to me! The test told me Beagle but can't it be wrong? I will admitt that beagles r cute to me though. But I still wouldn't put it in MY top5....... just saying. hehe this was weird i took this test and got a cairn terrier as a result the weird thing is i already have a cairn terrier i was like i already got one though , oh well i cant wait to get another dog poor scotty is alone. As I've said before, if you already know what kind of dog you should get, WHY ARE YOU TAKING THIS TEST? Consider that it is possible that the test will actually pick a better dog for all of your needs than if you blindly want just a large dog. Maybe you can't get a large dog with all of your requirements and a Scottie is the best fit. umm scottish terrier i dont think so i hate those dogs also i put i wanted a large dog a scottie iss not a large dog im looking for something more like a dobie or weimie.your test is WAY OFF! my fave type of dog! yay- ur awesome Hey mdamour1976. I haven't been able to see the test results lately. If you could fix it, that'd be good. Well.. It can never be 100% accurate, it's just trying to pick the best given your answers. They are absolutley so wrong! I need a protective dog thats reserved not a dog who will lick someone to death!! (LABRADOR WAS MY ANSWER!) beagle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry if that seems like a stupid question, but I just have to know. I also have one question for you. Am I the youngest person on this website? Yeah I thought you did. Anyway I've been wanting to make a profile on this site, and it keeps saying that where I live is an invalid postal code. What should I do? I made this website, yes. Did you make this website? Please answer back. :) That is my favorite breed My favorite dog! How could you hit it so accurately. I love Collies. this is a awsome quiz awww i really wanted an papiar Ahw! I got a st bernard for my result! Ohw... those critters are so darn cute! I already have a shih tzu tho lol! Bit of a size difference lyk. xx I got a type of dog that I don't really like (Jack Russell Terrier), but it was still a pretty cool test. Awww, this is my favorite kind of dog (Scottish Terrier) I can't belive I got this result ....^_^ i don't know what breed of dog i should get if you know what kind of dog you should get, why are you taking a test? you are dead wrong
What Kind Of Dog Should I Get What Type Of Dog Should I Get What Dog Should I Get What Kind Of Dog Should I Get? What Kind Of Dog Should I Get Quiz WHAT KIND OF DOG SHOULD I GET What Type Of Dog Should I Get Quiz What Dog Should I Get Quiz


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