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Test: The Google Web Toolkit Test

Category: Software

Description: Google Web Toolkit (GWT) Knowledge Quiz

Relevant Website: http://code.google.com/webtoolkit

The JSNI allows an application to:

Serialize Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs) Execute native code (.so or .dll) Bridge between GWT and JavaScript Localize resource bundles

What would you use to tweak the look-and-feel of a GWT UI?

stylesheets custom Swing PLAF the GWT Styles API style bundles (style.properties)

It is possible to debug a GWT application's Java code using an IDE like Eclipse.

True False

Two examples of GWT are Google Maps and Gmail.

True False

The AsyncCallback has two methods, they are:

onSuccess(Object) and onFailure(Throwable) onSend(String) and onReceive(String) callbackLoaded() and callbackUnloaded() sync(boolean) and async(boolean)

Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) in GWT are synchronous.

True False

Because GWT serialization supports a custom interface (IsSerializable) the transient keyword is not honored.

True False

The GWTTestCase is the base class used for:

initializing the GWT demo "Kitchen Sink" integration with JUnit adding support for Selenium testing integration with NUnit

In order to develop a new service you should extend which interface?

RemoteService RemoteServiceServlet ServiceAsync RemoteProcedureService

GWT produces web applications that will work with IE, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, and Opera but it requires special detection code within your source code.

True False

In order to be serialized by GWT primitive types must be wrapped by an appropriate wrapper class. For example int must be wrapped with Integer.

True False

Is the GWT completely open source?

Yes No

Which package is not included in the JRE emulation library?

java.util java.io java.net java.lang

GWT provides an event handling mechanism which can notify your code registered with an addHistoryListener() when the user attempts to navigate away from a page.

True False

Which license is the Google Webtoolkit (GWT) licensed under?

GPLv2 GPLv3 Apache 2.0 MPL 1.1

Due to synchronization issues and the nature of AJAX applications you must call GWT.create(MyService.class) to build the service interface each time you need to communicate with the server.

True False

The Google Mashup Editor front-end was written with GWT.

True False

In order to produce efficient code, when a collection class is going to be serialized what must you be sure to do?

declare the method or field as final declare the field as transient mark the field with the volatile keyword use a special JavaDoc annotation (@gwt.typeArgs)

Which of the following is not true about running your application in Hosted mode?

the application is run as pure JavaScript and HTML (AJAX) you can debug the application with an IDE a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is used to run the application a custom web browser with JVM hooks may be used

When writing a GWT application from scratch the recommended approach to use when localizing is:

static string localization automatic generation with i18nCreator tool dictionary lookups dynamic jar resource bundle management


nice test -G Explanations are possible now, but this test doesn't have any. Yeah.. That didn't happen. Maybe this week. Always making more work for me! :) Shouldn't be too difficult. I've got a "hint" idea as well.. I think I can knock them both out this weekend. You should have an optional explanation for right / wrong answers, and display it as part of the question in the check your answers section. Sweet.
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