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Test: Moon Quiz

Category: Space

Description: Facts about Earth's only moon

Keywords: earth moon test quiz

The composition of the moon's surface is primary:

limestone calcium anorthrosite ilmenite

The phases of the moon repeat every 29.5 days.

True False

The dark side of the moon is the same as the far side of the moon.

True False

What is the diameter of the moon?

3,474km 4,586km 5,623km 5,910km

The moon is in an asynchronous rotation, meaning that it continuously spins, exposing the entire surface to Earth viewers over time.

Synchronous rotation. True False

Relative to Earth, what percent gravity does the moon have?

9% 17% 23% 31%

How many moons in our solar system are larger than Earth's moon?

1 2 3 4

The Moon orbits the Earth every 40.1 days.

27.3 days True False

The US Apollo space missions were the only space missions to land humans on the moon (from 1969-1972).

True False

During the lunar day, the surface temperature of the moon is hot enough to boil water.

True False


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