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Test: The Solar System Test

Category: Space

Description: The quiz measures your knowledge of solar system trivia

The magnetic field on Mars is about 98% the strength of Earth's.

True False

Earth's moon is the largest moon in the solar system relative to the size of its planet.

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The core of Jupiter is under so much heat and pressure that a thermonuclear fusion reaction is sustained.

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The Sun is halfway through the typical life of a star and is very slowly fading.

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Jupiter is how many times more massive than Earth?

228 318 703 881

The 4 inner planets are terrestrial and the 4 outer planets are all gas giants.

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Jupiter's moon "Ganymede" is actually larger than the planet Mercury.

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In our solar system, there are 3 terrestrial planets.

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Since 2006, how many planets have been officially recognized by the IAU?

9 8 7 6

Which celestial body, in our solar system, has the highest surface gravity?

The Sun Jupiter Neptune Saturn

Comets get their "tails" due to sublimation of their surface as they approach the Sun.

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The Sun is so massive and generates so much gravity that it sustains thermonuclear fusion.

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In our galaxy, stars that are brighter and hotter than our Sun are rare.

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The gravity on Earth's only moon is notably low due to the lack of an atmosphere.

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Earth is the largest of the terrestrial planets.

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The magnetic field produced by Earth protects it from solar wind.

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5 of 8 planets are orbited by moons.

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Due to special atmospheric conditions, Earth is the only planet to have hurricanes.

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Earth's moon is almost identical in composition to that of Earth's core, supporting the giant impact theory.

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On the surface of Jupiter, which will weigh more, 100kg of freshwater ice or 99.2kg of saltwater ice?

They will weigh the same Freshwater Ice Saltwater Ice


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