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Test: The Lost Trivia Quiz

Category: TV

Description: A quiz/test about your knowledge of the television show Lost


What nickname does Sawyer have for Kate?

Freckles Curly Blue Eyes Honey

Why did Ben attempt to brainwash Karl?

So Alex would not get pregnant So he would not help the survivors of the plane crash So he would become the next leader of The Others To train him to fight

What are the numbers that Hurley uses to win the lottery and that also open the hatch?

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 4, 10, 42, 23 , 7 42, 23, 15, 14, 8, 4 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 43

What is the name of Charlie's Band?

Drive Shaft Drive Harder Shaft Drive

Why did Juliet get recruited to the island?

She is a fertility expert She is a cancer expert Ben wanted a wife She was pregnant

How did Charlie die?

He drowned He overdosed on drugs He commited suicide He was shot

Who kills John Locke's father on the island?

Sawyer Ben Sayid Jack

What did John Locke see when he looked into the eye of the island?

Beauty God Evil Peace

Who has visions of the future?

Desmond Charlie Ben Sawyer

What did John Locke's father convince him to give him?

A kidney A liver Bone marrow

What is the name of the initiative seen on all equipment on the island?

Dharma The Looking Glass Darma Swan

What was Jack's job before crashing onto the island?

He was a doctor He was a pharmacist He was a lawyer He was a judge

What song did Charlie play on the numeric keypad in the Looking Glass Station?

Good Vibrations Good To My Baby I Get Around Little Saint Nick

What was wrong with Ben that required medical surgery?

He had a tumor on his spine He had a tumor in his brain He had colon cancer His appendix ruptured

Was Ben born on the island?

Yes No

What prized device did Naomi have?

A Satellite/GPS Phone Food Clothing Fire

Who becomes pregnant while on the island?

Sun Claire Kate Rose

Who is the leader of "The Others"?

Ben Jack John Sawyer

What flight crashes onto the island?

Oceanic Flight 815 Oceaner Flight 819 Oceanic Flight 816 Oceans Flight 815

Who does Ben take orders from?

Ben does not take orders from Jacob because he can not see or hear him. Jacob Jack John No one

What medical condition did John Locke have before coming to the island?

He was paralyzed He was blind He was deaf He was an alcoholic

Where did Jack and the survivors find dynamite?

At a ship known as the Black Rock At the radio tower In a cave They stole it from "The Others"

What did Juliet show to Jack on television when he was held captive?

The Red Sox winning The World Series The Super Bowl Golf Basketball

What did John Locke hear Jacob say?

Help Me Save the island Don't leave the island Kill Ben

Who does Charlie talk to after unjamming the transmissions in the Looking Glass Station?

Penny Naomi Ben Claire

How often did the numbers have to be entered into the hatch computer?

Every 108 minutes Every 60 minutes Every 208 minutes Every 99 miuntes

What was the name of the song that was popular from Charlie's Band?

You All Everybody We Are Everybody Everybody Wins Everybody is Here

Why was Kate a fugitive on the run?

She killed her abusive stepfather She killed her abusive mother She killed her abusive stepmother She killed her friend

Who is Jack's half sister?

Claire Kate Juliet Sun

What is the French women's name?

Danielle Rousseau Juilette Rousseau Claire Littleton Kate Austen


I believe that Ben showed Jack the Red Sox winning the World Series. Juliet showed a cartoon(?). Kate actually killed her biological father. (and not because he abused her mother, but because Kate hated that Wayne (the father) was a part of her... and that she would never be good, have anything good.) GIT YO FACTS STRAIGHT :) look who the best
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