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Test: The iCarly Test

Category: TV

Description: Take this test to find out if you know a lot about iCarly!!!

Keywords: icarly quiz, icarly test

How many times did Neval try to ruin iCarly?

1 2 3 4

In which episode did Carly have a dream about "iGibby"?

iWant more viewers iMight switch schools iHatch Chicks iWin a Date

Who plays as freddy?

Nathan Kress Daniel Lewis Jacob Parsons

What instrument does Miss Briggs play?

Bag Pipes Accordian Basoon

What is the name of the boyfriend that Sam had in fifth grade?

Frankie Jonathan Carson Wilson

Where was Sam born?

On a bus A hospital in Missouri Downtown Seattle

What is Gibby's middle name? (I'll give you a hint, it's close to Freddy)

Cornelius Eddie Egbert Dexter

What is the name of the first episode?

iPilot iWant more viewers iHate Sam's boyfriend iCarly

How many chicks did Carly and Sam hatch?

5 6 7

What kind of wedgie did the upper classman give Gibby?

Texas Wedgie Omaha Wedgie Atomic Wedgie Ultimasuperextreme Wedgie

Who came up with the name iCarly?

Freddy Sam Carly


not me omg i got evertthin rite
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