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Test: Very Difficult Wrestling Test

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Description: See if you are a diehard wrestling fan or not?

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Who was the 4th wrestler that defected from WCW with Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko?

Raven Perry Saturn Chris Jericho Big Show

Hulk Hogan is a two-time WWF/WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Hulk Hogan has never won the I-C title. True False

Chris Benoit won the WCW World Heavyweight title on his final night in WCW.

True False

Who were the first two wrestlers to enter the very first Royal Rumble?

Jim Brunzell and Hercules Hernandez Jim Duggan and One Man Gang Bret Hart and Tito Santana Rick Martel and Jim Powers

Which of the following wrestlers has Shawn Michaels never won a WWF/WWE tag team title with?

Shawn and Marty won the AWA tag titles, but never the WWF/WWE. Triple-H Steve Austin Diesel Marty Jannetty

The Big Show is the son of Andre the Giant.

When Big Show was known as The Giant, he was billed as the son of Andre, but it was storyline only. They're not even related. True False

Which of the following was never used as a name by Chris Jericho?

Lionheart The Chosen One Corazon de Leon Super Liger

What was Ric Flair's first single title?

NWA Mid-Atlantic TV Championship NWA United States Heavyweight Championship NWA World Heavyweight Championship AWA World Heavyweight Championship

What wrestler used the name: The Colossus of Boggo Road?

Nathan Jones Gene Snitsky Heidenreich Matt Morgan

William Regal and Davey Boy Smith were the only European wrestlers to hold the WWF/WWE European title?

True False

During the 1990 Survivor Series, the WWF introduced a wrestler dressed up as a turkey called The Gobbledygooker. Who was underneath the "Gooker" costume?

Hector Guerrero Terry Taylor Owen Hart Tito Santana

Which Von Erich brother wrestled with a prosthetic leg?

Kerry Von Erich Kevin Von Erich David Von Erich Mike Von Erich

Which of the following wrestlers never portrayed Doink the Clown?

Barry Darsow Matt Borne Steve Keirn Eugene

Who is the longest reigning WWF/WWE champion of all time?

Bruno Sammartino Hulk Hogan Bob Backlund Pedro Morales

Which of the following wrestlers is a second generation wrestler.

Orton and The Rock are third generation wrestlers. Piper is first generation. "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase Randy Orton Roddy Piper The Rock

What was the Rock's wrestling name when he wrestled in the USWA?

Flex Kavana Rocky Maivia The Smooth Criminal Kid Samoa

Whose match did Scott Hall interrupt when he made his debut on WCW Monday Nitro in 1996?

The Steiner Bros vs Harlem Heat Mike Enos vs Steve Doll High Voltage vs Public Enemy Disco Inferno vs Renegade

Who booked the Kevin Nash vs Goldberg match at WCW Starrcade '98?

Kevin Sullivan Eric Bischoff Vince Russo Kevin Nash

Who did Ric Flair have his very first match against?

Ken Patera George Gadaski Angelo Poffo Jim Brunzell

Who did Jake "The Snake" Roberts wrestle on his only WCW Pay Per View appearance?

Sting Lex Luger Ric Flair Sid Vicious

Who wrestled in the very first ladder match in the WWF/WWE?

Most people probably answered with Shawn vs Razor. The Bret vs Shawn match took place 2 years earlier on regular television. Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon Bret Hart vs Razor Ramon Curt Hennig vs Tito Santana

Which of these titles did Curt Hennig never win?

WWF/WWE heavyweight championship WWF/WWE Intercontinental championship AWA heavyweight championship AWA tag team championship

Ric Flair is billed as a 16-time world champion, but he considers himself a:

13 time world champion 17 time world champion 20 time world champion 21 time world champion

What wrestler trained Steve Austin at the beginning of his career?

Chris Adams Terry Funk Dory Funk Jr Fritz Von Erich

What was Undertaker originally supposed to be known as when he debuted in WWF?

Cain the Undertaker Mean Mark Callous The Punisher Texas Red

How did Chris Benoit earn the nickname The Crippler?

He ended the career of Dynamite Kid He broke Sabu's neck His finishing move "crippled" people He broke Shane Douglas's back

Triple H was the third Grand Slam Championship winner in the WWE?

True False

Who is the worst wrestler of all time?

Giant Gonzales Giant Gonzales Giant Gonzales Giant Gonzales

Who portrayed the wrestler "Buzzkill" in the latter years of WCW?

Buzzkill was a parody of Road Dogg Jesse James, who was in reality Brad Armstrong's younger brother. Brad Armstrong Jesse James Armstrong Scott Armstrong Kip James

Which of these personas was not a gimmick for Ed Leslie?

Skinner The Disciple Zodiac Brother Bruti

What was Sean Waltman's wrestling moniker DURING the match when he upset Razor Ramon in '93

He wasn't known as 123 Kid until after the match. The Lightning Kid The 123 Kid The Kid The Dynamite Kid

Which individual holds the record for holding the most WWE/WWF tag team titles?

Edge Christian Billy Gunn Kane

How many times has Jerry Lawler worn the USWA heavyweight title?

28 16 22 24

Two different wrestlers portrayed the Ultimate Warrior. The first guy who portrayed died.

Jim Hellwig has always portrayed the Ultimate Warrior. True False

Who has been in the past 6 matches that won PWI Match of the Year?

Triple H Shawn Michaels Kurt Angle Undertaker

Where did Damien Demento hail from?

The Outer Reaches of Your Mind Parts Unknown The Last House on the Left The Kennel Club

Who is the only wrestler to have ranked #1 in the PWI 500 who has never won a world title?

Dean Malenko Owen Hart Scott Hall Ted "Million Dollar Man" Dibiase

What was John Cena's initial wrestling name?

The Prototype Mr P The Machine Johnny C

Christian Cage is Edge's brother in storyline only.

True False

Which of the following terms are used to describe cutting oneself for blood in a wrestling match? Select all that apply.

Blading Juicing Gigging Slashing

Undertaker's real name is Mark Calaway

True False

Which of the following names did Edge compete under? Select all that apply:

Sexton Hardcastle ADAM The Sex Machine Adam Impact

Which of the following wrestlers won the WWF title, but is not recognized by the WWE as having done so?

Wahoo McDaniel Antonio Inoki Mitsuharu Misawa Roddy Piper

Who did Randy Savage wrestle in his "retirement match" in 1991?

He returned to wrestling just a few months later. Ultimate Warrior Hulk Hogan Sgt Slaughter Jake "The Snake" Roberts

When the Black Scorpion was finally unmasked, who was under the mask?

Ric Flair Barry Windham Lex Luger Sting

Who did both Eddie Guerrero and Umaga have their final matches against?

Edge John Morrison Ken Kennedy/Ken Anderson Chris Jericho

Kane made his debut in the World Wrestling Federation as Dr Isaac Yankem.

True False

Who did the WWE make a derogatory do***entary about on DVD?

The dvd is known as "The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior." Ultimate Warrior Jake "The Snake" Roberts Hulk Hogan Bret Hart

Who won the very first WWF King of the Ring?

Don Muraco Bret Hart Harley Race Jerry Lawler

What was the first persona used by Terry Bollea?

The Super Destroyer Sterling Golden Terry Boulder Hulk Hogan


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