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Test: What Disney Show Should You Star In?

Category: TV

Description: If you were to star in a TV show on Disney, what show would it be?


Which show do you think is the most cheesy?

Sonny With a Chance Wizards of Waverly Place The Suite Life on Deck Hannah Montana Cory in the House

Which scenario is more realistic?

Your friend cuts her hair shorter. When your friend goes to school the next day, nobody knows who she is! Somebody tells you that they can secretly talk to dead people and perform a seance`. You just won American Idol. Your best friend moves into a mansion. You are going to live with your favorite movie star for three days.

Do you like the Jonas Brothers?

Yes No

Which talent would you say you have?

Singing Acting

How nervous would you get performing in front of people?

Veeeeerry nervous. I would run away off stage to avoid embarrassment! I would start sweating and panting I would stammer a bit, by nerves would be hardly noticable. I would feel a bit nervous, but I would be pretty much okay. I am a great performer. I am the exact opposite of nervous.

Which show would YOU prefer to be on? (We will see if you get your choice!)

Cory in the House Hannah Montana Wizards of Waverly Place The Suite Life on Deck Sonny With a Chance

How old are you?

9-13 14-16 17-20 21+

Do you get sea sick?

Yes No

Who is your favorite Disney star?

Miley Cyrus Dylan and Cole Sprouse Selena Gomez Demi Lavato

Are you a boy or a girl?

Girl Boy

What color hair do you have?

Black Brown Blonde Red Other

I am a good actor.

True False


thanks..what kind of test did u want the ther 1 2 be? another one like this, like, "What Movie Should You Star in" or, "What Nickelodean Show Should You Star In" or "What Actor Should You Be in on TV With"? lol hw do u no how i look? and no, i dont have msn. just aim that was cool lol i want u 2 make mme another 1 by the way uyou r pretty lool do u have a msn account i dont lool lol jj
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