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Test: The are you smarter then me test?

Category: Think You Know Me

Description: Do you know more than i do? see if you are!


is there a 4th of july in england?

Yes, dur its after the 3rd No, no because we won the freedom from england so NO!

You are driving a bus from NC-NM. In NC 10 people get on. When you get to tennese 8 peaple get off. You get to texas and 0 get off 13 try to get on. there are too many people on. now what is the bus drivers eye color?

it depends whos driving. how am i supposed to know that?!

true or false? you are an idiot!

True False haha got ya!

What do you put in a toaster?

toast bread paper

If a roaster lays an egg on top of a roof wich side does it roll off of?

it doesnt lay eggs left right unpridictable

how do you put a tiger in the fridge?

open the door take out the giraffe then put it in teleport it in the fridge using your super mind powers shrink it dont put it in the fridge

how do you put a giraffe in a fridge?

shrink it open the door then put it in just shove it in i dont know

You've been asleep for 4 hours when you wake up the curtains are gone the stoves been on and your missing a tooth. What do you do first?

Dude! The stove been on the whole time! The house is on Fire! call the police eat a sandwich get out of the house run around screaming


man dat was prper easy btw dats not how u spell people u spelled peaple
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